#132 – survival story

This story - not just NPR's creepy detachment from reality - is true! Greenwood Cemetery in Sunset Park is the highest point in Brooklyn, and (as far as I know) is still a home to quaker parakeets. Their nests are something to behold. I was enamored by the longevity and general mischief of these birds. Steven C. Baldwin wrote about the birds on his blog when I first drew this comic, and he still does, in addition to hosting birdwatching tours. His stories about the plight and beauty of these birds was my inspiration for this chapter.

4 thoughts on “#132 – survival story

  1. Thanks for all the details. Those little guys are the cutest!

    1. learning so much about these wonderful birbs

  2. They are still there. In fact, there is a breed of parakeets now entirely unique to Brooklyn after co-mingling with pigeons.

  3. I love the assumed immigrant story part. <3

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