#115 – hollowed out baguette

I love a good little brother masturbation joke. I think I had more adventures for Julie and her family planned, her genesis through veterinary school and beyond. There just aren't enough pages for all these ideas! So I just imagine they happened instead.

6 thoughts on “#115 – hollowed out baguette

  1. of the pages that would have been perfect for some fresh comentary, this one stands out as 'up there'

  2. C'mon, there has got to be a story behind the writing of this strip.

  3. I’m gonna be that guy this time. Can someone explain the chutney and baguette joke to my puritan, virgin mind?

    1. Teen boys (and some guys are perpetual teen boys) have squirrel syndrome – if they see a hole, they wanna fill it with their whangdoodle. If they don't have a hole, they make one. Please don't make me explain more.

    2. First sentence of the commentary. 😛

  4. Flat dog alert!

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