#113 – yo alberto

This page has SO many panels! I'd never attempt this over the course of 1 page today. I kind of like little dense gag comics, but it's very much not OP later on.

5 thoughts on “#113 – yo alberto

  1. Hanna gets down to business! No games, except for the fun ones!

  2. I forgot about this! I love the parallels with this later reversal: http://www.octopuspie.com/2015-04-07/770-play-the

  3. I didn't realize till now that this weird interaction was all because Hanna's trying to find another drug dealer than Will, for the sake of Eve's peace of mind

    1. Of course, she's also trying to set Eve up with one of them, which might make it a little counter-productive.

      1. Work more than one angle at a time to maximize your returns.

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