#112 – dressbarn

I miss screenprinted patterns on sweaters a little bit. It feels like half the things in my wardrobe were some variation on this at some point. Are a lot of my commentaries on these comics about how times have changed? Yes indeed.

10 thoughts on “#112 – dressbarn

  1. The Six Facial Expressions model does not adequately represent the 'The-Fuck-Did-You-Just-Say' Face

  2. What’s an X-Medium?
    A little large.

  3. There's no write-up with this strip.

    1. I think it speaks for itself

    2. No problem. I got you covered.

      "In accordance with company policy, [NAME] is being notified that their failure to appear on time for work within the constraints of CAM manual section 3.8 has resulted in this written warning. Failure to abide by the addressed sections could lead to future actions on the part of [COMPANY].

      Employee_____________ Date_________

      Supervisor____________ Date_________"

    3. eve's face in the last panel is commentary enough i my o.

    4. Presented without comment!

    5. You're right! How disappointing.

    6. There is now!

  4. I still want this jacket

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