#111 – couture of duty

Eve had short hair consequence free in this story! Spoiler: she doesn’t even have to suffer through the ugly growing-it-out phase. I write the world I wish to see.

6 thoughts on “#111 – couture of duty

  1. How come panel 5 Eve and Hannah look like cutouts pasted into the panel?

    1. Looks like experiments in screentone. In the previous panel they’re untoned and everything else is a tone. Now it’s reversed! And when you’re cutting the tone you can either be reaaaallly careful and make sure it’s all inside the lines, or you can just get kinda get near it for its own cool effect like the 1960 UPA cartoons or an unaligned offset press.

    2. It’s simply a shading style/graphic choice. It’s pretty common in comics/illustration to do a thick contour outline of another color or shade outside a subject for graphic effect.

      You can actually see Merideth do it again in the next page!

      1. Oh yeah, it's just the shading.

        IDK why people are downthumbing me…

        1. I can't speak for everyone, but to me, it seemed like you were attacking Meredith. Not your intention, but your observation came across as coldly disrespecting her work.

          Take it from a past victim of Poe's Law. It's rough when it strikes.

  2. I've always loved the changes in Eve and Hanna's hairstyles through the comic, but I specially like this one for Eve.

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