#110 – our brooklynian life

As a culture it seems like we haven’t quite recovered from This American Life yet. Radio shows are still produced with that same “bedtime stories for adults” tenor, but about things like bitcoin ATMs.

7 thoughts on “#110 – our brooklynian life

  1. Hannah-through-glass is visually reminiscent of Hobbes-through-door.

  2. Wait did she ate breakfast twice?

  3. Octopus pie had to be the first time I had seen non sexualized nudity in a comic. I really loved how casual it was. It felt like I shouldn’t have been sexualizing nudity so much in general.

    1. I agree. I love that she never shied away from moment where nudity would have occurred and having to awkwardly cover things up.

  4. Hanna breaking through the window dragging Eve behind her is sort of sums up so much of Octopus Pie.

  5. One of my favorites. This is so peak Hanna + Eve.

  6. Let me clear up the science of hangovers for you, radio dudes in 2007. It's a great mystery for many people to this day, but I think I can go over the basics without getting too technical. The secret to hangovers is:


    Unless you're drinking way more than is healthy, all you need is more water. That's all there is to it.

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