#109 – freakin lines part 2

Of all the US cities I've lived in, nowhere is it worse to mail a package than New York. Asking someone to go to the post office needlessly is a declaration of war.

5 thoughts on “#109 – freakin lines part 2

  1. This really runs the whole range of feelings about having divorced parents. It's a genuinely nice surprise whenever one of them thinks to do something nice for the other, but dang if playing intermediary doesn't get annoying.

    1. Super agree! Constantly I have tried to deal with both parents even with their differences.

  2. Reminds me of a stand-up's take on gifts.
    "You can exchange it if you don't like it." "Thanks Grandma, you got me an errand for Christmas."

  3. I I’ve this strip so much. A sincere act of love and gratitude for her mom turns into a big, annoying chore.

  4. I like to see the littlest old lady survived touching Eve's bike back there

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