#1012-1014 – hold the baby

Good evening! I'm fresh back from TCAF, so here's a new comic. Did you know Octopus Pie celebrated its 10th birthday on Sunday? May 14, 2007 my babies. Whatta ride.

39 thoughts on “#1012-1014 – hold the baby

  1. Panel 16 is Gwen and Mr. Laser (forgot his real name) mentally adding Marigold to the list of people they will tell the police about should their baby ever go missing.

    1. John…or Mr. Yoga, or Mr. Lasik

    2. More like their mental tally of people who can babysit for free.

      1. The list can be used for multiple purposes.

  2. Could Jane be any more perfect. (no)

    1. That's just what Mar is thinking.

  3. Mar's faces <3 All of them.

  4. If this does end soon, I look forward to your next comic. You have made amazing characters that we have all fallen in love with, and I can't wait to see what you do in the future.

  5. Aw they're gonna be such moms you guys.

    1. Such fucking moms, indeed

  6. Happy mother's (of a sort) day! 🙂 Thank you for creating this.

  7. JANE!!!!!!!!

  8. Sephiroth is totally a reasonable name to give your child!!

    1. yeah, i'm having a kid and naming it metroidvania.

      1. Mine will be "Rogue-lite"

  9. Happy 10th, OP. <3

  10. Dance, Marigold. Dance the night away.

  11. PAnel 14 broke my heart but that last panel? DAMN!!! Mar's eyes are gold!!

  12. To see Marigold go from fearing she'll repulse her partner with her baby love (a sign previous partners might've read as a desire for more commitment, and would, in Marigold's mind, cause them to pull away), to Jane's easy acceptance and even encouragement of this part of Marigold, to the actual baby embrace … ahhh. :')

    1. Everyone here has a deep understanding of relationships and commitment and metaphors and whatnot and I'm here thinking: "remember that time when Eve skateboarded off a roof?"

  13. At this point in history Steven is _way_ weirder

    1. Because of Steven Universe, expect a resurgence eventually.

      1. "And the valedictorian for the class of 2032 is [peers closer] Michael 'Steven Rose Quartz' Michaelson."

  14. It's cool, isn't it? How all of our pent up emotions and repressed feelings that we hold inside can leak right out of our eyes!!

  15. Had to Google "Sephiroth" to understand the joke. Ah… to be old! *sighs* ^_^

    1. The game was made in 1997. Are you 50?

    2. Final Fantasy 7 came out 20 years ago. So even people who understand the reference are going to be old.

    3. I must be really old: the only Sephiroth I'd ever heard of has something to do with Kabbalah mysticism.

  16. ohhhhh, this is my first time commenting and I've started crying as soon as Mar did. I LOVE THIS COMIC! <3

  17. Can confirm, babies is catching

  18. "What's the name?"

  19. Oh, gosh. As a fellow gal with her girlfriend I gasp everytime she acts "mom like". Dang, I hope Jane and Mar have all the happyness. In caps. ALL OF IT.

    This really warmed my heart. Plus, the coloring and lighting fit's perfectly. OctoPie is such a great art ref.

    Happy 10th, OctoPie. Thank you for being here.
    Thank you so much for telling us this stories, Meredith.

  20. I like how we never really get to see a full-on view of the baby's face. No sparkly cute fan service, just a cranky-looking lump. But we see Marigold's reactions!

  21. Ah, god.

    I wanna be a dad. My wife wants to be a mom. Mothers day drove it home. This comic drives it home even more.

  22. And suddenly the music changes to strings:
    Estuans interius
    Ira vehementi
    Estuans interius
    Ira vehementi….

  23. Whatever they do, I hope they don't teach that baby how to use a long sword or cast Meteor.

  24. When my kid was that age, we used to call her the "ovary exploder" when we would hand her to our female friends.

  25. The baby's eye in panel 18! "Nooooo! is that really my name?!"

  26. Did a full readthrough of the archives. First time I had read through this I had completely forgotten that Marigold was Jewish at this point. There's something really ironic that the Sephiroth name reveal was presented to the Jewish woman and the anime fangirl. I love how different their reactions are to the familiarity of that name.

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