1008-1011 – to be loved

Toronto folks! I'll be at the TCAF festival this coming weekend. Info is written below in the blog area. Hope to see you there!

63 thoughts on “1008-1011 – to be loved

  1. ahh jeez im gonna miss these dudes so much

    we love you, meredith!

      <3 ;__; <3

  2. No words, nor poets, could possibly do this comic justice.

  3. I don't want this to end. ;_;

  4. This is perfect.

  5. The coloring. Is. Perfect! The stage lights. God, that looks so good.



  7. Okay, that's just about the most fucking awesome thing ever in this comic.

    1. And that's saying a lot.

  8. I'm not crying! You're crying!

    1. I might be a little crying…

    2. Ur completely correct, I am crying. (Believe is not usually a song that makes me cry but this one did it haha)

    3. You're not crying! I'm crying! wait… uhh

    4. Damn right I'm crying!

  9. This. Is. BEAUTIFUL.

  10. Cherish this moment

    1. Nice cher pun

      1. it's really the cherry on top of this comic

  11. That shot where she'd trying to discreetly remove her jacket one-handed. Great.

  12. After love?

  13. This is so.. Eve-ish. A classic song has just become more so.

    One of the things I really like about this comic is the continuation from one panel to the other, like the space in between, and the choice of colour is very well considered to indicate the passing of time, fast or slow, and to give a certain feeling (eg the black in this chapter to show all that's not the stage). All those details are things we'll leep on picking time and time when rereading all your wonderful work again, I'm sure.

    Anyway…. We love you Meredith!

  14. I've been cueing up all the songs so far on my immediate re-reads because yeah.

  15. Shut up. I'm not crying, you're crying.

  16. oh Hannah and eve :,-)

  17. Gorgeous. Absolutely beautiful

  18. In the purple panel so saaad that you're leaving… is that us? the viewer holding up our beer to eve?! xD

    1. Oh, that's a really nice take of that pannel, dude! Nice! I feel even sadder tho X'D

  19. omg. The comic is ending with the main relationship being showcased YaASSSSSS.

  20. delete this page it is making me too happy to sleep

  21. oh ;~; i love it

  22. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MB2GQ28sE5s
    link to the lyric video. Play it while you read, and feel the feels. Embrace it!

    1. cleverbutappropriateusername

      Ok I did it and 10/10 would recommend the enhanced comic-reading experience

  23. What if all of the dialogue has been autotuned the whole time?

  24. trapdooralligators

    Oh man, is H-dawg gonna sing the chorus with Marek in the panel, because if so, please don't. ;_;

  25. just seeing this at 2 am and I'm s o b b i n g

  26. Goodbyes are sooo bittersweet! Life doesn't really let us actually keep anything except the memories we make – right up to the last goodbye. It seems good to accept the heartaches, appreciate the joys and be thankful for having been blessed with the whole experience!

  27. This comic had me won with Eve's drunk backdrop picture, and just got better after that.

  28. Is… is the comic ending?

    Is that what's happening here?

    This all feels very end worthy.

  29. i know we're not QUITE there yet, but i'd be so okay with this being the final strip

    look at how far they've come

  30. my favorite detail in this whole thing is her flapping her arm trying to get her sweater off

  31. I want a big poster of that Eve face poster in the background of the first panel

  32. This is it!

    This is it!!



    (Alex heard a song so perfect, their life ended)

    1. Alex, wherever you might be, if you can answer me, please answer this: is there life after "is there life after love"? ?

  33. I love the panel where Eve is flapping her arm around to get her sweater off. So human and realistic haha.

  34. http://www.octopuspie.com/2017-02-13/983-stabilit
    We finally got to see that banner with Eve's face on it!

  35. I checked all the historical records to make sure and yep, it's a fact! That song is so old it was sung by Cher!! You're reaching way back, Meredith, waaaay back! She's old enough to be my…uh…my………..daughter 😛

  36. In all my wildest Octopus Pie dreams, I couldn't have hoped for a better send-off than this

  37. I was happy with this comic when we finally got a glimpse of the poster Eve helped put up earlier in the story…AND THAT WAS THE FIRST PANEL.

    Damn, if this is how Octopie goes out, it's going out right.

  38. Eve's expressions and gestures are so wonderfully subtle and well done. Lately we've been seeing a lot more of Goofy Noseless Eve (who is also wonderful — see song sequence) but it really feels like Meredith has been saving some of her most potent drawings for last.

    Subtle, precise, simple, and complex — a complex feeling with a simple gesture.

    Fucking zen.

  39. 1) Goddamn you for making me cry, Gran. AGAIN!
    2) I've been reading this comic for a LONG-ass time, but I very rarely click to open comments. But I've been seeing a lot of comments recently about the comic ending. Is that, like, officially a thing? I know the chapter title said "One more… something or other"
    3) If it IS ending–and I guess I either way really–to Meredith Gran, thank you so, so much.

  40. Shut the f up I'm not crying you're crying.

  41. I think this song works really well as a finally rebuff of Park and his bullshit. She's completely over him.

  42. This is everything <3

  43. I am too sad to even function… after about 9.5 years of reading it… I feel like I am moving away from a city/town I knew so well to a new place where I will have lost so many friendships. Thank you for creating these beautiful memories for all us! I absolutely love your work!

  44. This gave me the shivers.
    No. It can't end! They have not caught up to me yet, I NEED MORE!
    I want to see where they all end up, all the way to the end. They are like dear friends, and I don't want to say goodbye. T_T
    Thank you for this truly beautiful piece of work.

  45. "All I want to do is be worthy of love."

  46. this comic means so much to me. thank you

  47. Man. This one is great. Even better with the song. Can’t wait to listen to it in the future and think of this!

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