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  1. Please don't let this be the end!!

  2. I Iove this comic so goddamn much. I just get a little sick thinking how close to the end we are.


    2. We are? Uh oh…

    3. This is the part where Eve becomes a real live human being and climbs through the screen, right? Not tryna exist without her.

  3. One super awkward social interaction done with, about a gazillion more to go.

  4. I'd bet good money that the last strip comes up on May 14, the 10th birthday.

    1. Me too! I'm guessing there might only be 3 more strips, given that we're at #1007 now, and 1010 seems like an appropriate number of strips to end with on a 10th birthday :'(

      1. Haha this is a good guess, but no. We have a few more weeks from here.

  5. Holds my breath for Livin' La Vida Loca

  6. funkmasterhexbyte

    Fuck, that sister comment is fucking with my octopus pie trivia pride. Are Hanna and Will SIBLINGS?? How the hell did I miss that…

    1. Nope, it's simply a comment that they're so close they're like siblings. Otherwise these confessions are rendered quite awkward:

      1. funkmasterhexbyte

        Thanks! Glad to know I'm still a pro…

  7. Larry and Will are just a couple of sweet, soft boys.

  8. You can't out backslap Larry, Will.

    I'm still at the edge of my seat here if and when Hanna and Mar/rek cross paths…

  9. (When you started reading this like two days ago and didn't realize you were caught up so you spent thirty seconds scrolling up and down looking for the next arrow)

  10. "So little used to hold us together"

    Yeah. And it won't anymore … but that's probably OK.

    Endings are always bittersweet, huh?

  11. I really hope Eve and Will sing The Boys Are Back in Town

  12. Oh no! Oh yes! OH NO THE COMIC IS ENDING

  13. God this feels like the end….
    Meredith, thank you for so many years of sublime art and writing.

  14. No Will, I'm not ready! I'm so not ready for the farewell song. Sigh. But I trust Meredith to end this journey well.

  15. FREEBIRD!!

  16. Just as Eve is getting up on that stage, Mar is returning to their table with her drink.

    This is all I can think about right now.

    1. One spare drink for one spare estranged friend…

    2. Maybe for Don?

  17. phew… I'm glad mar and will's interaction ended as well as it could have

  18. If Octopus Pie ends right before I graduate from high school in May, that'll be crazy. Can't express how thankful I am for it existing… every time I get the chance to reread it, I discover how much I've grown since I discovered Octopus Pie as a freshman. The whole comic seems like it's been a way to teach me about relationships and life in general once I'm living on my own. It feels weird to say it, but I think I'll look back in many years and find that this webcomic was just as formative to my perception of my future and maturity as any piece of "high art"… I should really get around to owning all of the printed copies, cause I don't think I'm done discovering this comic for myself, and certainly feel the need to share it with others.

    1. Congrats David! I hope the best for you with graduation and the future!

      I've been reading this comic since my sophomore year of college back in 2008 and I probably re-read Octopus Pie once a year. I can't believe how unreal and bizarre the characters seemed when I have a real life friends just like all these characters now. I never imagined I'd live Eve's live, but at 28 now it's shaped up pretty similarly.

  19. Wow, I've been waiting for this page for weeks… this was so heart warming, honestly beyond words. To see the reunion, such a convoluted arc between Mar and Will, come full circle. and how strangely that particular arc, for me, was such a present role in this friend circle and its connections. That this comic, really, is about Eve. I am with tears of joy and sadness to see how this comic is wrapping up, but oh so nicely! Also, go Larry!

  20. No, I'm not, Will.

  21. Oh god, please don't let the end be soon. Please don't let the end be soon. Please don't let the end be soon.


    1. my thoughts exactly


  23. Coming together for an Eve Ning

    1. Oh my god, I can't believe i never saw that before

    2. Nevermind. With puns like that we have to burn this whole comic to the ground.

  24. So I never commented, but I've been reading Octopus Pie for six years now. As I matured, so much of this comic reflected on my own life and feelings, and it was amazing relating the nonsense of my own life to the weirdness in Eve's life. I even lived in NY for a while, and I can vouch for everything in this comic being a perfect mirror for this crazy city. OP really helped me understand living there and the people who live there. It sounds weird saying this, especially for fictional characters, but I wish Eve and everyone else the best with this new phase of adulthood and deeper sense of stability by the time the story ends. I love it enormously! Thanks Meredith!

  25. Aaaaah! Yes, I can also sense the end coming, and every page is still a blessing. I'm really looking forward to Eve speaking.

    And Mar can do it in her own, kthnx. She doesn't need help now 🙂 And Will is so self-aware! It's nice to see them interact awkwardly but civilly, too.

    Also, there's something about those back slaps that I can't put my finger on. Like, Will is the character who has been most physically abused in this comic, mostly by men. So even his close male friend brings some kind of physical discomfort with his relationship. And though it's good to see his reaction is acceptance (not rage, like we saw some other time), I find it a bit unsettling, as if their friendship makes him hurt a little. Perhaps I'm just not well versed in the way of masculine friendships and their way of showing affection.

    Or perhaps it's just funny.

    Anyway, YAAAY update <3

    1. The friendly backslap is mostly an exclamation point, ime, like I love you! Man! but you do raise a good and interesting point with regard to Will's experiences/temper and physical gestures v. physical aggression! Feels like that should've occurred to me the first time I read this.

    2. I think it's a recurring joke that he slaps Will on the back with much more force.

    3. They ways of the dude will forever be unknown even to those few females who manage to crack the group. Forever yours, eternally confused friend of dudes.

  26. So having read the succinct and well-written comment by Dave (just a few above this) I have to say…that while this comic impacts him greatly for his future life-beyond-high school, it impacts me as a retrospective, giving me insight as to how it all went down 'cuz I was oblivious when I was in the middle of it. Don't laugh…be gentle…I'm 75.
    Thank you, Meredith, for a GREAT piece of work! You've pulled all my heart-strings and dug out all my sublimated emotions and this comic seems Shakespearian to me. My beloved wife just bought Books 1 – 4 for me <3

    1. OMG, thank you so much for reminding us that all if this social nonsense was basically exactly the same in the 50s/60s!! The shape of the communication channels and the size of the in-groups may be different, but the nature of human interaction is near-constant. Something we can all remember when our teenagers yell at us about having no idea what they're going through. 🙂
      On an aside: I did the math… I'm sorry! Couldn't hep it!

    2. Wow! That's so great that this comic speaks to so many of us, across generations. I'm in my 30's and it speaks to me too. I should get the books.

    3. It's so comforting to hear from you that even though the eras change, the things people deal with are the same.

  27. I love Hanna's "Thanks, (You're GOD DAMN RIGHT)" look.

  28. Next Strip:
    Does Eve announce pregnancy, cancer, or engagement hmmmm?

    All jokes aside I'm sad to see this strip end. It's been such a joy to forget about it for a few months and come back to rediscover the strip and let it melt into my life.

  29. It seems crotch vomit leads to pretty good closure.

  30. Hannah's face is frozen in the "put on a brave face" that she almost let go in the last couple strips. I feel so much for her right now. How many times have I looked in the mirror and schooled my mask to perfection just like this? I really hope that she finally finds the strength in herself to trust someone — enough to just break down and crack the porcelain. She deserves that freedom from her own mind.

  31. Why is the comic named Octopus Pie? Never thought to question it until now.

  32. I've really enjoyed OP even though (embarrassed confession) it resembles my life in almost no way whatsoever

  33. I'll be sad to see Octopus Pie go, but I firmly believe that as far as storytelling goes, finite is better than infinite and I'm happy to say farewell to Eve and Company on such a high and heartfelt note.

  34. wee bit of visible marek last panel! <3

  35. Mar: Remember when [making friends] was easy?!
    Does it count if we're related to them? [e.g. cousins] :C haha.

    Thanks for this comic, Meredith. <3

  36. Oh, I see Marek in the last frame behind Eve! I won't ever believe OP is coming to an end, but if anything happens, I hope some peace can be made between Marek and Hanna! In my mind, they are secondary main characters (or at least Hanna has been straight from the beginning!) so I hope she gets a good end to her story just as Eve does!

  37. Has the cover of Volume 4 been foreshadowing this moment? https://imagecomics.com/comics/releases/octopus-p

    Eve has never done karaoke in the comic up until now.

    1. You are so right! I see Marek on the cover in the lower left plus Larry is there too; I never noticed that before! Wow, great eye and brain! 😀

  38. You should know better Larry– Will's tattoo is still healing!!!! WILL WE EVER SEE WHAT IT IS IS IT EVE'S SCOWL OR WHAT


  40. I am expecting a duet if "I've had the time of my life"

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