#1003 – a muse

Panel 1 is a throwback to the Spa Day shuttle, with Mar in the center for obvious reasons. It's a uniquely painful thing, to hear how lovers of the past have mythologized their heartbreak. In a more chad world, where friend groups don't date incestuously and artists never document their pain, we'd never have to know how our exes process the memory of us. But in cringe world, they haunt us forever, dredging up and rewriting history right before our eyes. "Ray of Light" was a bit of a tribute to my pop-worshipping friend Chris, though the accompanying video of accelerated scenes from around the world put a fine point on the whole late 90s as End of History thing.

3 thoughts on “#1003 – a muse

  1. I don't have a word for the emotion expressed in panel 3 but it's perfect.

  2. I can't decide whether he's shout-singing this or going as nasal as any backstreet boys single. You can do both in one song though right?

    1. He actually has a lovely singing voice.

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