#1004 – walk that back

I'm not sure I had a particular point in this one - just showing a place where the two women's philosophies (or maybe just realities) diverge. Eve doesn't have the stuff to be a competitive careerist, though she recognizes (with a slight delay) that most people around her either do, or have accepted the way the wind blows. Still, I wasn't looking to answer the question of whether Eve would start working for Jane, or if that was a good thing or not. I was thinking more about the way friends help each other as they age - in real, material ways - and how the stakes of friendship begin to rise. Can Eve afford to resist?

4 thoughts on “#1004 – walk that back

  1. No joke: I have now 18 years of gainful employment at the same company that all started because the gentleman that interviewed and hired me thought that I went to school with his intern (who he respected very much). The truth was, we'd only just met a couple weeks earlier on a Spring Break trip.

    I try not to think about the fact that nearly half my lifetime has been spent at a job that I got on a slight case of mistaken identity…

  2. I work in software and I always absolutely hate when people get jobs at anything larger than a newish startup on connections after failing the standard interview process. The implication is always "Well *I* know they're better than that interview!" But it's just so impossibly unfair to everyone else. Either the process should be improved or we should continue following it.

    With that said, at any job that lacks a standardized technical interview… yeah. Obviously it makes sense to hire people based on what you know about them. That doesn't mean it's always smart or even okay to just hire your friends, but… Eve is *extremely* competent. She's a smart hire for a coffee shop.

    1. Don't forget Eve is a member of the Guild of the Ristretto! That seems to imply she has worked as a barista before, which is obviously relevant here.

  3. The thing I relate to most in this comic is the unsettling realization that all the fears and worries that kept you stagnant for years in a bad job/relationship/etc were unfounded. When you waste so much of your life being stuck because "what else is there" … it's both liberating and horrifying to get out and have a new thing just fall into your lap. Like, what the hell was I waiting for?
    Or in Hanna's words to Larry post-Marek-breakup, "Is it… this easy?"

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