#097 – loose ends

T-shirt irony is alive and well in 2008. This may be the only time we see Eve in a laundromat, a place she'd presumably spend a giant chunk of her life. No wait, I thought of another time while typing this. But not often! This could've been a "default" set, like a sitcom bar or Raymond's mom's house. Too bad.

4 thoughts on “#097 – loose ends

  1. I like the notion that Dawn Ning knows Eve's laundry day schedule well enough to burst in on Eve counting change to inform her she needs to have a showdown with *Amer*ica *Jo*nes* to uphold their family's honor.

    1. If you look in the first panel, you’ll see that she stopped by Eve’s apartment first, only to find Hanna, who let her know she’s out doing laundry. Not that Dawn wouldn’t eventually arrive at this conclusion on her own, paternal instinct and all 😛

  2. What about the Guiliani thing??

  3. The last panel is so peak mom. My mom, Eve's mom, every mom

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