#98 – ice queen

Faithful rereaders may notice some tinkering with a few lines in this chapter. I did this for the most recent reprint of the books, where I thought the language wasn't hitting right. It's not always easy, for example - maybe increasingly difficult - to present a character's wrongheaded views without seeming to advocate for them. Anyway, people can judge my success and/or failure at such things as they see fit! That is ultimately a fun thing about art.

One thought on “#98 – ice queen

  1. I forgot how many inter-strip writing callbacks are in this story! In strip 87, Eve says to Marek and Hannah, "You people are the reason Segways became acceptable," and now Hannah has a Segway.

    Hannah complaining that she's "doomed to society's…reassuring back-pats" and then immediately receiving a reassuring back-pat from Eve is a great moment.

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