#096 – skating soulmates

At this point it's pretty trendy for Eve's friends and enemies to invite themselves to her mom's house. She's like a wise NPC who guides them on their quest. What was the joke exactly in that last panel? I think America Jones is suggesting Eve didn't properly learn to behave like a woman. A very gender normative comment to be sure, but I still believe it would push her mom's buttons.

9 thoughts on “#096 – skating soulmates

  1. Eve's mom is horrible. She admits that skating is the one thing she's good at, then also freely admits she yanked that dream from her.

    1. Might I recommend popping over to the archives to read through the rest of this storyline before passing judgment on Eve's mom about this?

      1. I should, perhaps. I generally don't like her for most of the series. I can't really even tell whose best interests she acts in half the time.

        1. upsidedownspirit

          Oh, there are certainly other things she can be judged for, I merely worded my response as vague as possible to avoid spoiling what's revealed later in this storyline for those who haven't read it before.

    2. Eve's mom is awesome as your friend's mom, you just don't want her to be your mom. Contrast Hannah and Eve's relationships with her.

      Could Eve possible be the grumpy, unappreciated, underachieving superheroine we all know and love without her mom?

      1. Fair points.

  2. Transgender themes????

    1. Nah, AMERICA JONES’s comment can be categorized as “Shit Cis Hets Say”.

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