#074 – bucket to go

13 thoughts on “#074 – bucket to go

  1. Love the discreet paper bag.

    1. brown paper bags have a magical property that enables them to make liquor invisible

      in this case its working at full strength but i dont think even thats enough

  2. Will looks like a rugged Scott Pilgrim in that parka.

    1. CaptainTightPants

      Nooooooo. You did not just say that. Noooooooooo. A movie comes out and now everyone is "Scott Pilgrim this" and "Scott Pilgrim that." Icky sticky.

      1. Lol. A movie brought an indie comic into the mainstream. Sometimes I think movie producers make their decisions based on how much nerdrage they can generate.

        1. I just realized you can make a best-selling series of anything as long as you give it a titel whose initials are SP. Scott Pilgrim, Strawberry Panic, Skulduggery Pleasant…

      2. I'm afraid I've been thinking in a similar way for the last three years Captain. I was always glad of OPie's ongoing update schedule while I was between volume releases for SP and I'm glad that the Pie continues and will probably carry on for a good long time yet.

      3. 1. Your name references the captain of a death trap (aka- transporter of herds of cows, stolen goods, etcetera etcetera)

        2. Your hating on Scott Pilgrim.

        3. Marry me.

    2. I have to agree, mostly because it's the same sheepish look that Scott tends to wear. Except Will doesn't look like he's going to piss his pants in fear of a social faux pas.

  3. Nerdrage as an alternative fuel supply?

  4. Maybe when he said canon he meant it as a reference to Shakespeare?

    In Hamlet, act 1, scene 3 (possibly not true– this is from memory. yes, I am refusing to look up accuracy when it is right at my fingertips.) when Hamlet went on a huge rant/whine (because that's all he really DOES) about there is a "canon 'gainst self-slaughter…" and in the notes at the bottom of the page, it said canon meant law.

    So maybe he's saying it's like her law to drink at noon?

    I mean, they were just in a bar called the 5th Amendment. So, the connection isn't too much of a long-shot. Hopefully.

    1. simz, good call there. I can see what you mean.

    2. Good sleuthing, simz- you are really close 🙂

      "Canon" means when something is a rule or (normally a body of rules or principles) generally established as valid and fundamental in a field or art or philosophy. In this case, Eve's set of rules in Will's opinion would include bars at noon.

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