#026 – come on

It took me a few years to switch from this letterbox style, and I think this is one of the types of action it was good for. Hanna was often pulling Eve in and out of spaces horizontally. I regret I didn't think of a better title than "Failing And You". There are so many cuter euphemisms for being a fuckup.

3 thoughts on “#026 – come on

  1. Hello! I love that you are posting the comics again with your commentary. Octopus Pie is one of my all time favorites and after you wrapped it up I left it in my Feedly because I didn't want it to be over. When it popped up as new recently, it was a fantastic surprise and I am totally here for it.
    Cheers xo

  2. Noticing it in this panel and the previous, all the background textures changing.
    When did you decide adding color is the right way to go?

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