#025 – well, duh

This was a real website I made to go up at the same time as the comic. It has since lapsed. But I can assure you I put a lot of effort into this gag. Eve's browser tabs (which are literally just my browser tabs) are very 2007: LiveJournal, Something Awful, BoingBoing, and even a link to the Wordpress admin bookmark for this site. Wow.

13 thoughts on “#025 – well, duh

  1. Oh wow I didn't even know that gag existed! You wouldn't have a screenshot of the site in action would you?

  2. First time I read “bake n’ bake” I lost my marbles. So funny

  3. What do you get if you bang while wearing Hanna and Marek's shirts from this strip?

    An interrobang.

  4. I wish I could look at my 2007 browser tabs, AnimeNewsNetwork and Cracked were probably right at the top.

  5. wow that's meta…

  6. The last panel is one of the most memorable for me, despite it being so early in the comic. It conveys itself so well.

    1. It's revisited a couple times later. When Hannah can't pull herself away from her laptop, she uses it with one eye open and the other one shut.

  7. This gag is so on point it hurts. Like the (i guess you'd call it a) match cut leads you to believe that this is something that Hannah is showing Eve and then it's just a small panel of Eve being alone and somehow that makes it funnier. I don't think I'm even make sense, I'm still giggling.

  8. Still super sad I missed out on getting a BnB apron while they were available.

  9. How is this the first time I've noticed Hanna's and Marek's symbolically linked shirts?

    1. They're both Marek's though.

  10. Bake'n'Bake was kind of Hannah's reaction to her old boss/mentor Jacques, right? Because he was a self righteous ass who gave her burnout?

    I think On the Strait and Narrows page 2 foreshadows her using weed as part of her job: "It's just sooo much easier to work this way"

  11. Ning's frustration/puzzlement in the last panel is such an ace punchline.

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