#583 – feeling something

February 18th, 2013

#583 – feeling something


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  1. @gruffghost says:

    that inconspicuous blue square looks………… familiar

  2. chrisrussodraws says:

    She's probably just crying because of allergies, mine always act up inside the met for some reason.

  3. XuxuBelezA says:


  4. MsDalfo says:

    Is that… no, it can't be… the favicon?

  5. It finally happened Hanna. Reality went all Blue Screen of Death on you! D:

  6. Arkadi says:

    It's the OP fave tag! 😀

  7. Kate says:

    And so begins the vacation from sobriety.

  8. cdotsq says:

    this shits about to become meta

  9. Amy says:

    lol.. thank you for making my monday with hanna's "mm, mhm, ahh yes's". was actually laughing out loud by panel 3.

  10. fishang1 says:

    There are levels of meaning here that I can't even come close to comprehending.

  11. Mike says:

    That's some nice fruit there Gran.

  12. Jillian says:

    If Hanna touches that blue square it will create a wormhole–that's how science works.

  13. qiam says:

    color??? in octopus pie??? dang!!!

  14. ChaoticOasis says:

    Now I can't remember how long the blue square has been around for the website D: Love it!

  15. @sconehenge says:

    Why hello there, Yves Klein.

  16. Wait, did Hanna take some shrooms instead of pot brownies? Those dilated pupils are pretty suspicious…

  17. Robert says:

    Hanna's blue period.