#406 – [scream]

October 15th, 2010

#406 – [scream]

Forgive the lack of updates – this was one hectic week. Fortunately, I’ve gotten a lot of necessary travel and apartment-hunting done (more on that later), and I’m now up in Massachusetts for some event planning (more on THAT later). It’s gorgeously autumn-like here.

Have a good weekend!


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  1. zach says:


  2. Dedlok says:


  3. chandler says:


  4. Damn ants! says:

    Is this a canon?


  5. EAA says:

    Well, my plan of going to the Halloween party as grapes from Octopus Pie just popped.

  6. Christian Vegas says:

    i smell a twist

  7. THE BIRDS says:

    The swan did it.

  8. Rezmason says:

    Before she died, do you think Eve let out a little whine?

    By the way guys, if you're in the market for a giant pointy mineral crystal to make shish-kabobs out of your Halloween guests, I *highly recommend* the Astro Gallery on 34th and Madison. http://www.astrogallery.com/ It's like a little museum. It's just magnificent. And some of the pieces are just huge.

  9. NextChamp says:

    I know this isn't canon but I really gasped when I saw that first panel.

    Rare violence coming from this strip.

  10. Mayday says:

    Hahaha poor sixth panel Marigold.

    But… where's Greg? J'accuse!

  11. zem says:

    the latest storyline button goes all the way back to a door next to this door

  12. Higgy says:

    Where is greg indeed!?

  13. wykstrad says:

    Just like Drew Barrymore in Scream!

  14. lamelama22 says:

    lol dead eve’s face in panel 1 is hilarious!

    what if eve is faking so they won’t suspect her sour attitude as the reason for murdering the rest?

  15. Dengarde says:

    …Mareks ears…

    They're actually moving like real wolf ears do.

    …I want to scratch them. NOW.

  16. Alain says:

    What! WHAT!

    "Have a good weekend!"

    You suddenly turn Moebius on us and you end up saying "Have a good weekend!"!!??

  17. Sela says:

    Lol, so not canon.

  18. Munkiman says:


  19. AnDrew says:

    she died the way i live…jumping on spikes

  20. Daniel Nicolas says:

    guys, every single character is going to die this october.

    it's called October Die for a reason.

  21. Fady says:

    Clearly cosmic karma for having a laaaaaaaame costume, Eve!

  22. Sarah says:

    I love sad face Navi!Meredith.

    Also… yyyyyikes!

  23. Joe says:

    Good. Eve's dead. It'll be interesting to see how the rest of the cast interacts without her presence.

    Just a thought–were all the guests shown in the first chapter of this arc, or is Meredith hiding some of them from us?

  24. wogzi says:

    From now on the story will just be about David Bowie, trapped eternally in an ever more comfortably-sized apartment, regaling us with tales of his youth and the occasional but well warranted moments of contemplative silence.

  25. hobotron says:

    haha, it's not every comic that is willing to have the protagonist be the first victim in a murder mystery. I love it.

  26. Next storyline: "Eve Lives"

  27. nvm88 says:

    Damn it! Why is it whenever I go to buy the original piece of art somebody has already beat me to eeet!

    Damn your popularity.

  28. Fish says:

    How the crap did she manage to fall on the spikes?

  29. That… that was sudden! O_o

    …wait a minute! What happened to Eve's costume? XO

  30. Daniel says:

    I never tire of X’s for dead eyes. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

  31. MrJM says:

    I'm intrigued by your comic's new direction, Mr. Shyamalan.

    – MrJM

  32. tripleaces says:

    Is that a Finn costume I spy?

  33. nathan says:

    Got it – he's from Scribblenauts

  34. Jax says:

    I think we're all ignoring the more important issue here:


  35. Jimmy says:

    Marek is hilariously innocent.

  36. jakob says:

    found the webcomic today, spent all day reading it. very very funny

    must. have. it. /heads over to amazon…. greetings from germany :)

    /oh, cc licensed – nice!

  37. AlmostLiterally says:

    Please let Marigold be next, please let Marigold be next, please let Marigold be next…

  38. Liz says:

    Best. Prank. Ever.

    Eve's coolness just skyrocketed.

  39. Damien Walder says:

    That's not even a grape press!

    Oh well.

    (Cue "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" theme)

  40. Brinna says:



  41. Well, Frank… it looks like this vintage evening… *dons shades* …has gone sour.


  42. krisnaaa says:

    the dude's dressed up as finn from adventure time ahhahaha

    and noooo poor eve!!!

  43. GoatsAreTerrible says:

    I shotgun next go at main character.

    Hey! Stop pushing in line!