#271 – you never do

March 18th, 2009

#271 – you never do

Meetings all day, comics all night – here at Octo-HQ. Just 3 days ’til hundreds of people invade my studio building!


Discussion (20)¬

  1. Jim Thorpe says:

    "Staple-gunned Through the Heart" – Great title on the mouse-over.

  2. Randall Drew says:

    *ka-chunk!* *ka-chunk!*…ahhhhhh…. :)

  3. Scott says:

    The facial expressions are so good

  4. Farley says:

    Aww poor Julie

  5. ThePyschicChef says:


  6. Aarbear says:

    Poor Jules. Still hopin' and wishin' and prayin'.

  7. Stonestar says:

    Nice raised pinky on the cig light. Maybe THATS why hes not interested in the Julie.

  8. Dogdammit says:

    Hey, it's the Fukken Shit dog!

  9. Felipe says:

    Uh… irrelevant curiosity: what are lampposts/streetsigns made of in this place? Can they really be "ka-chunked"?

    • Anon says:

      Most power lines are held up on wooden supports so ka-chunking is probable. Notice that Julie is using tape to put them up on the sign post which is metal.

  10. BG says:

    How OLD is she? Julie looks like she's in her early thirties…

  11. danineteen says:

    HE'S SUCH AN ASS >=(

  12. Jane says:

    d'aww. she is bitter.

  13. Kneethan says:

    And Meredith's to blame. I swear, she gives love a bad name.

  14. paolo says:

    overtime work without overtime pay? BUT THAT'S ILLEGAL!