#261 – portable radio

February 20th, 2009

#261 – portable radio

And that’s it for this storyline! Next week: a story about DREAMS. Have a good weekend!

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Discussion (23)¬

  1. fluffo says:

    Holy crap, I had this song stuck in my head ALL of last week. That and Mtume's "Juicy Fruit" 😀

  2. ScottBieser says:

    Heh. This gal paid hundreds of dollars and all he can talk about is Hanna. Too bad Hanna can't hear what's going on, she'd feel a lot better.

  3. Maggie says:

    Given that that looks like Patchy Paul (NSFW: http://shop.tootimid.com/fun-factory-patchy-paul-… I'm guessing Hanna's doing quite fine.

  4. glasserc says:

    Hey, FYI, hovertext doesn't show up in the RSS feeds (using Google Reader). Looks like the "title" attribute doesn't go through at all.

  5. hatman says:


  6. betterforsome says:

    The last three panels: holy shit.

  7. Iaman says:

    What size is the paper bag parade print, does anybody know?

  8. meredith says:

    @Iaman It's about 15"x8".

  9. T Campbell says:

    This one resonated with me, because I got to be that nameless "lucky winner" once– won a date with a Star Wars cover model, who, it turned out, was married with a kid. Still glad I got to have the experience, but yeah, the peak of excitement was winning, and things were getting awkward by the time the check arrived.

  10. KTurtle says:

    Oh wow, all these years I thought that one line was "P-p-p-people like", not "v-v-v-viva la"!

  11. danineteen says:

    Aww… poor Hanna.

  12. Almost Literally says:

    Is it just me, or did this strip change? I distinctly remember him saying 'You paid for this date, and all I can talk about is Hanna' or 'You paid for this date, and all I can talk about is my girl friend'…

  13. Marcos El Malo says:

    I had to go watch Yacht Rock #2 immediately after reading this.


    It's the fictional origin of that song.

  14. Mr. F says:

    What's the name of that song, anyway? The only one I can find is by Hall and Oates.

  15. rpfresh says:

    aaaaaahahaha I don’t think I’ve ever laughed at a single comic as much as I laughed at this one. Listening to Portable Radio while reading those last few panels only makes it better.

  16. autumn says:

    Is no one going to comment on the ambiguous looking object in Hanna's hand in the second to last panel…?

    Also, on the dresser in the same panel, is that a glass bowl or a strange looking ashtray…

  17. Carvin says:

    I dunno… I think Marek could do better as a date than this. But then again, it wouldn't be very funny.

  18. greep says:

    hah, so much for hanna not caring about what marek does with his free time 😉

  19. Jessie says:

    Oh hell yeah. Those last three panels made my day.

  20. SlicedBread says:

    haha i love how all he can talk about is hanna. meanwhile, jeeeeeealous hanna. they so obviously can't live without each other, i love it.