Perfect Tides

3/11/22 - Not an OP update - and please forgive the transgression - but I want to let you know that my long-term video game project, Perfect Tides, has been released!

If you like the art and writing in OP, I think you will feel quite at home in Perfect Tides. You play as a 15-year-old girl who lives on an island, moving through a year of her life. The mechanics are in line with 90s point & click adventure games that fascinated me in my teen years.

The game is available on Steam and for both Windows + Mac. I put a lot of myself into it, and I hope you will find some of you in there as well.

8 thoughts on “Perfect Tides

  1. Neat! I've been waiting for this!

  2. Any chance of a linux version :S

  3. Sorry for the nerd question, but any idea if this game runs under Wine (i.e. Linux)?

    1. I've purchased the game and tried running it on Linux Mint 20. It is built on Adventure Game Studio (

      Running on Wine (plain install), seems to run fine. Full screen mode doesn't work straightaway, but can be configured with winsetup.exe.

      Building AGS, doesn't work great (saves don't work, there is a fixed screen-size, and the font is hard to read). Not sure if some configuration fixes that. I probably won't look into this more unfortunately (because wine just works).

      Haven't tried messing with any wine/ags settings or different rendering backends (openGL). Haven't played much of it, just wanted to get it working 🙂

      1. Coming back to this. Finished the game using Wine. I notice some click targets may be annoying hard to hit, possibly because I was running on it fullscreen. Otherwise worked great, can't wait to run through the game again (no spoilers). For the record, was running with v1.0.2-pc

        1. Thanks, i got it working in Wine with "Software rendering" but not DirectX (via DXVK). But it seems to be going fine for me as well.

  4. Excited to play it!

  5. This game is beyond incredible. Thank you so much for making it!

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