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6/22/21 - You can now pre-order a book version of the 2021 Octopus Pie story, The Other Side. It includes gorgeous full-color interiors by Valerie Halla, and every copy is signed by Meredith. Order it here.

If you missed it, you can read the full B&W version of "The Other Side" here.

7 thoughts on “book available for pre-sale

  1. Dear Meredith, I hadn't checked this site in a while. I'm very sorry. The rerun came to an end and with my new settings the site came up as unverified and I never clicked "continue"

    I didn't know about the The Other Side til now and it seems it's already sold out. Will there be another run for the color version?

    Please I hope so.


  2. Will there be any more runs of 'The other side'? I wish I hadn't missed it!

  3. I also screwed up and missed the pre-sale of "The Other Side", which I would like to own. As HeatherP asked, will there be another run?

  4. I'm also sad I missed it. I have all the other books, and now to not have this one? I must possess it! (Please consider a 2nd imprint.)

  5. we would all love to see this added to the stack, if a reprint were to happen, but maybe… this one should not be reprinted? We missed the magic but there are people who didn't. I was surprised to read this as I had thought the story to be done. Might be more magical if the epilogue stays un-reprinted. Serves us all right for not checking the site more frequently for news.
    Thank you for all you drew and the story that those drawings told. Many joys to you for the next project and may your hopes all come to pass.

  6. If I ever happen to find this book somewhere I’m snatching it up immediately. I took a look at it on the website earlier and the colors make me want to explode. Too good.

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