I based Hanna's dorm room on the former George Washington residence hall at E 23rd street. I never lived in one of those pods, but I spent enough time crowding onto fellow SVA students' beds to watch laptop videos, then clearing out before 11 PM. Years ago, Raina Telgemeier had an accurate depiction of life in these narrow walls, saving every precious cent for (the also-former) Frank's Pizza.

More than anyone in OP, Marigold expresses facets of her identity through radical hairstyle changes, accessories and makeup. Hanna's hedgehog head, like much of her personal style, feels effortless by comparison, and this will always be something of a divide between them. It's not until much later, when they've stopped being friends, that Hanna feels the least bit self-conscious wading into Marigold's world.

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  1. I always figured Hannah (and Will, before he was kicked out) went to Columbia – I thought the building in 392 was the Low Memorial Library.

  2. This friendship was doomed from the start.

    Being naive is a blessing and a curse; you end up learning a lot (the hard way), but it also convinces the people around you that you're pathetic and in need of protection.

    Marigold is experienced enough nowadays to give Eve relationship advice. Hanna feels profoundly inexperienced dating again after her super-long relationship with Marek ended. But their shared history has forced Marigold out of any kind of nurturing role, because Hanna can't adjust her perspective and see her as source of insight, after all they've been through. It's too difficult to reconcile the Marigold of today with the one she first met.

  3. that comment from marigold to hanna on page 420… obviously it doesn't really compare to hanna's later outburst but in hindsight it's so patently untrue, and makes it clear just how much marigold takes her for granted, that i can kind of imagine hanna- who i relate to a lot, as kind of a brooding occasionally social engineeringy weirdo- needing a long time to let go of an accusation like that, in a way that could lead to that sort of resentful outburst. and sure, that's the nature of codependency, and obviously meredith articulates that texture of their relationship really well… but my point is it kind of puts that moment when it all falls apart in relief. for hanna, in a lot of ways, it was what marigold didn't say that made all the difference

    1. Page 420?

      1. The first page that Meredith links in her newspost. (The second link in the post.)

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