Not many moments that change our point of view do so on the spot. They tend to take months or years to sink in, often past the point of usefulness in the period of life that inspired them. But in the moment they can still be vaguely remarkable, and that's what I was going for with Hanna here. She kind of stumbles into an act of goodwill, sacrificing her own ends for nothing in return. Yet she sleeps easily and immediately, as if she's submitted, just for a moment, to something bigger than herself.

Within the strip format, this was a chance to write a journey with no epilogue, no return to the old place, just a one-way street to oblivion. I relish these chances. And that's it! We're back to the main OP story tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “OTSAN #16

  1. Your comments have brought all new levels to this comic for me. I often read webcomics in a surface sort of way. Not that I'm not absorbing the levels/morals/themes but more that I don't analyze them to myself much. As an English grad and a librarian, it's nice to have a medium to just read and not break down fully all the time. However, I've really been enjoying you pointing out all these things that I FELT the first time reading OP but didn't think too hard about. It's made me want to go through more comics and dig a little deeper about why they resonate with me.

    Anyways, thanks for everything!

  2. I still kinda want to see Hanna call Jacques a fraud to his face and then peace out from his bakery forever.

  3. I love a character piece sans denouement. Most of life doesn't get tied up with a bow.

  4. Love the juxtaposition between animal slippers and heels.

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