#893 – starfish

Eve dreams about Park, Eve dreams about the ocean. In a cruel manner that is just So Eve, the two can not be separated. She waits and wishes to know the meaning of it all, as if knowing will activate some dormant part of her, allowing the next stage of her life to begin. This is the arc of her character. Are we ready for the final act??

5 thoughts on “#893 – starfish

  1. headcanon: Eve's dream beach is on the Perfect Tides island

  2. "Are we ready for the final act??"

    Never was.

  3. I'm not ready.

  4. This is going to be like watching a bird fly into a window

  5. the little detail of eve’s flushed cheeks and heat-mussed hair, creating the atmosphere of a dream where you’re just uncomfortably hot the whole time
    this comic is so good

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