In the times I felt as miserable as Mar is here, it's telling in hindsight that the things I missed most were the trappings of being with someone - their home, their routines, their friends (both human and feline), the ghosts of their exes, the role I played in their lives. Marigold doesn't want to live not because she loves Anders, but because of how much being his girlfriend defines her. Now that the show is over, who is she?

Sorry for the update hiccup - I took an unexpected trip in the middle of the week. I'm just going to resume things from here instead of writing the full backlog. See you tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “OTSAN #13

  1. hoowee, this page struck a nerve for me. the most persistent loss in a breakup is always (for me at least) the small bits of comfort and familiarity you get accustomed to as it plays out; case in point my last serious partner had a family shiba inu that, despite everything, i miss as much if not more than their actual family. marigold showing her age by being utterly devastated by that loss instead of simply depressed as hell is a great touch, and watching her growth get reflected through how she handles these breakups is a big part of why she is my favorite character.

    hannah going from being the strong, wise guide to realizing she has no idea where she's going or what her end game is also cracks me up every time. it's always easier steering a ship when you have no idea where port is, isn't it?

    1. Haha, I saw

      "hannah going from being the strong, wise guide to realizing she has no idea where she's going or what her end game is also cracks me up every time."

      as Hanna "going from berating Marigold with a a total lack of patience or tact" to "holy shit if I'm not at least nice enough to her that she decides to proactively cooperate and start answering me instead of being a moaning puddle, I'm never going to be able to hand her off!"

  2. Hannah deals with grief in the most immature ways — by castigating the grieving person, by condescending and treating others with contempt, by ignoring responsibilities, by seeking loud, "fun" distraction, and even by attempting to erase the memory of the loss altogether. She's a bad friend to Marigold and keeps her stuck in a rut. No wonder Marigold only fully blossoms once she sheds Hannah like a worn-out cocoon.

    …Eve changes a lot over the course of the series. She goes from an insanely competent, talented, and assertive store manager and advertising director to, as Gran describes her recently, a "baby". That change seems to coincide with Eve's using drugs and seeking out casual sex. More regression under Hannah's influence, perhaps?

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