octopus pie mongo minis vol. 1 (part 2)

Aww Marek's puppy paws. My dog Heidi frowns and folds hers exactly the same way. Did you know that while the strip is in reruns, there is still OP stuff for sale in the Topatoco store? Head over to find yourself a small gift, a wearable or geegaw.

3 thoughts on “octopus pie mongo minis vol. 1 (part 2)

  1. Bruno Guedes A. Viana

    Now that I'm seeing these again, it'd be a great gag if Marek's shirt had a NOT in that last strip

  2. I can't stop seeing Hanna's nose in strip 2, panel 3 as the upper lip of her mouth. It's like she's so stoned her lips are trying to escape her skull. It looks absolutely hilarious.

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