#983 – algorithmic dystopia

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  2. LOL Oh wow I totally love them as a couple and how they can play around like this.

  3. oh NOO THEY'RE SO cute help. meredith thank you

  4. Eve/Will is entirely too pure and my weak-ass heart can hardly take it.

  5. So cute. I'm cry.

  6. I'm so happy Eve has a good man for once, but

    …worried about her financial status now D:

  7. They're so happy! Something terrible will happen!

  8. I literally just upvoted every comment about how cute Willa and Eve are. But seriously. Way too cute. Flashbacks to http://www.octopuspie.com/2009-01-28/251-a-horrib

    1. I remember that strip fondly, I actually coloured that strip! XD; http://serpamiaflare.webcomic.ws/files/octopuspie
      … Holy smokes has it really been 8 years already? :'D It's not just Will and Eve that have changed, but now Meredith has a fantastic colourist <3 I'm so happy XD
      But what I love about this page is that they're not, you know, cheating or anything. This time it's just… wholesome? ;v;* itswhativealwayswanted
      Happy Valentine's Day indeed *_*

  9. Adorbs! I like that Will and Eve have always had this sort of dynamic, even as they've bounced along through (roughly) one night stand, awkward acquaintances, friends, one night stand again, better friends, more than friends but not quite sure how to proceed, and finally 'fuck it, let's do this'

  10. I… I ship this couple forever, Meredith, ily ;__;***

  11. AHHH! I wasn't even a Will/Eve shipper til right now. The way their relationship handles his anger and her disorderlyness is perfect!

  12. Oh no I want them to be happy forever

  13. Wonderful to see both Eve and Will so happy…Marigold and Jane, too. Just Hanna to go…

    …is it wrong that I'm hoping for an eleventh-hour hint of rekindling the flame with Marek? I don't mean anything to unsubtle for Ms Gran's work, but maybe a chat to show how much they've grown and how their life goals might now be more aligned and a hint of intimacy.,.

    I can dream, anyway!

    1. I hope it's not wrong because I also want that! The Hanna-Marek relationship was my favorite and their break-up was so painful. It's hard to imagine that two people who really loved and cared about each other could split up still loving and still caring about each other. And we have not seen either or them move on romantically (significantly). I do hope there is some more resolution for them. For now, I'm very much appreciating the adorableness of Eve/Will. Moving on from Olly's is a big deal and I'm glad she's going through it with love and support.

  14. Eve/Will happiness gives me life TwT

  15. Even if they break up (or eventually resent each other, or one of them eventually dies before they both have the chance to become vampires and love each other eternally) us readers will always have this beautiful page here.

    So thanks.

  16. I can't contain myself anytime I see Eve's fucking muppet eyes.

    1. Catherine Harmsen

      I accidentally fat finger thumbs downed your comment. I meant to thumbs up because OMG I love her Muppet face too! I call it her Ponyo face.
      Sorry ?

  17. Ahh… This made me smile.
    It's so sweet and real.

  18. When I try to get play-angry at my wife, she just gets mad right back at me.
    And then, I get mad because she got mad at my joke-anger and we don't talk to each other for the rest of the day.


    1. You gotta have a signal!! I can't snap my fingers so when I get pretend angry I always try to snap at him condescendingly, but it just looks silly cause you can't hear it. Pretty obvious it's a joke at that point.

  19. Yes.

  20. Ahhh their relationship is like… everything i want in life

  21. Happy lonely Valentine… to me. =/

  22. Arlene's Grocery!!!!!!!!

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