#982 – jackie and the absolute vultures

24 thoughts on “#982 – jackie and the absolute vultures

  1. I love little details like Will opening the box with his key

  2. Is this Eve's ex co-werker that used to go by Jacob? Is she trans?

    1. I was just thinking the same thing.

      Good for her.

    2. maybe that's what he needed to figure out :O

      1. "Body's pretty much decomposing…"


      2. In the next strip after that one Jacob calls Olly's a "flame-out" business. Fooooorshaaaadowiiing

    3. Woah woah woah! I never noticed that! (Second time reading through). IS THAT Jacob? I assumed it was an old co worker that we never knew, but HOLY CRAP it is them!!!

  3. *squints and nods slowly at these colors*

  4. Do I sense a fight coming?

  5. I wonder whether we'll see what the guy in the antifa black is like.

  6. Hannah has shoes that aren't anything to do with jogging.

  7. >antifa


  8. Love the antifa-hoodie guy

  9. Larry: "Hey Will, what's in the box?" Will: "Olly's head."

  10. Larry's getting real close and laughing at their jokes, so does he have a crush on Jackie? I still think he and Hanna should date, but they aren't currently, and Larry IS a fuck hero and all, so he should go for it!

    I could be reading too much into it. I'm sure Larry LOVES fart jokes regardless.

  11. Antifa, huh? How's he got time to perform music when there's 150 million Nazi's to punch out there?

    1. They'll write music to inspire every antifa to punch Nazis

  12. Loving the little real life details like Will using a key to cut the tape open ^^

  13. The coloring of the panel next to last is… wooooow… <3

  14. Fuuuuck I am sensing a "big final event to get all the characters together so you can see how they're doing ONE LAST TIME" wrap-up………

  15. eeeeeeee, oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh, Jackie is trans and it's not even a thing, she just is, she went away for a while, and now she's back and hey, she's a girl, and whatever. Holy shit, it literally IS my life. And I love that she's with a dude in antifa black, because that seems to be the politics of me and every other trans cutie in my extensive east coast circle of friends. Gosh gosh gosh gosh <3

  16. Larry's glance to the right in panel four …

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