#948 – what flavor pink is

The switch flips, and in a moment, Eve can see it: living somewhere remote, depending on that person, building something together. No restless energy, just simple repetition. It can be done. It happens every day. There is nothing to fear.

9 thoughts on “#948 – what flavor pink is

  1. Pink is "Pink Lemonade" flavor!

  2. I assumed on the first read that the cabin was Hanna's parents, although Will seemed familiar with the area. Does the cabin belong to Will's family or is it their vacation spot of choice?

    1. yeah i have QUESTIONS lol

  3. If there is only red, then red is strawberry, but if there is red and pink, then red is cherry and pink is strawberry, unless pink is watermelon.

    Perfectly obvious.

    1. In my experience, watermelon is green if strawberry-pink is taken. Bright green is apple, dark green is watermelon.

      1. I think we figured out why the raspberry is blue.

  4. Interesting, I read this slightly differently – less of Eve seeing a potential future for herself and Will reflected in this married couple running their farmstand, and more "oh wow, these people know Will, and he knows them, and he's clearly been out here a bunch, and I had no idea, and I really DON'T know him as well as I thought I did … but I want to."

  5. I enjoy how everything leads up to the background at the bottom of them clutching each other, with just the little end panel close-up. In my mind's eye I'm pulling off the first five panels and watching them together underneath the vast sky.

  6. I didn't assume that Will had been out here a lot. He's engaging in small talk with the shop owner and that's probably how he knows that the beekeeper outside is the shopkeeper's wife.

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