#919 – dreamily nursing that ice

Spoiler: they're all single, and none of them get laid. A night is not measured by such things, but it will bring a sense of melancholy as the hours tick on. Hanna and Larry COULD make it, but that's sort of the dance they do across chapters. From this point on, it seems clear that Hanna will get hurt. She's on the defense, lowering her standards and comparing herself crudely to others, when she doesn't have a chance. Larry is simply in no hurry. He's happy to sit back and watch his friends get dragged through time.

7 thoughts on “#919 – dreamily nursing that ice

  1. I still sort of ship Hanna and Larry, is that terrible

    1. There was a brief time when I was sure Meredith agreed.

    2. Give them a few years after eves party. Larry has potential and Hannah could deal with her shit. (Like literally all of us)

    3. Larry would be impossible for Hanna to control, which might actually be good for her. Might also blow up pretty badly.

      I ship it, too, but I don't mind that it never happens. Sometimes it's okay for even people with chemistry to just be friends.

      1. Oh absolutely! I don't mind that it never happens. It's nothing something I'd write fanfiction to "correct" but it's one of those "kinda nice to think about" things

    4. The strip where he was like "you could, uh, stay here"–so good.

    5. Your ship has aged beautifully lol

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