#912 – anything stronger

21 thoughts on “#912 – anything stronger

  1. Post-drinking ibuprofen runs rule.

  2. Thank God Eve didn't do it 🙂 I was on the edge of my sit for past week

  3. If she slept on the couch alone then they probably didn't fuck. Let's all exhale in unison.

  4. I made a hungover trip to the store to buy some ibuprofen once and threw up right outside the entrance. They wouldn't sell me anything.

    1. tHIS MaDE ME LAUGH SO Hard!!!!!!!!!

  5. "Let me spell it out for you. I will pay you 50 dollars for two vicodin."

    1. This made me giggle out loud.

  6. My first thought: "Thank god she's still wearing clothes."

  7. Tag yourself I'm panel 2

  8. Oh… I thought she was buying horseradish for brunch…

  9. poor Greg, no love for him

    1. It's not that there's"no love for him", it's just that a lot of the time, Eve's jumping into bed with guys end up creating some damage, especially when she does it to heal her wounded pride or to feel less lonely. Going for Greg at this point would probably do some damage between them, too, and if GregxEve shippers want to see them together, it'd have to be when Eve grows comfortable with herself and be willing to put in hard work for a stable, happy relationship.

      Plus, just because a guy and girl didn't bone doesn't mean the guy didn't get any love.

  10. Hanna awaits her missing roommate with a raised eyebrow.

  11. She left her sweater

    1. i think it was greg's… i looked back at the club scene.

  12. This is why I buy the cheap two pack with 250 per bottle ahead of time. So basically every time I run out.

  13. Nothing feels as good as waking up to a sun-warmed butt

  14. Oh, thank goodness!

  15. Can we just point out how childlike eve looks most off the time?

  16. Daaaamn!!! That coloring in panel 2. I'm in love!!
    Also, Ibuprofen 800 mg, 3 tablets. My minimum dose.

  17. God, I remember when my mom was renting an apartment in NYC, you could go down the stairs and immediately be greeted by the coolest little grocery store.

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