#911 – is this closure?

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49 thoughts on “#911 – is this closure?

  1. And where are stopping exactly???


  3. Please stop. Just play DnD and don't fuck. (My internal high school self wants to kill me for typing that though.)


    fuck him AFTER the campaign

    1. Yes! Give yourself time to sort out all the baggage over Park, Eve. You'll be in a much happier place to be with a good guy after that. It is a kindness to yourself and to him. It's not good to have Mr. Right at the wrong time. Even if you end up together, it can cause issues that last in your relationship for a very long time (BTDT, have the tee-shirt). …scampers off to laugh at herself over giving relationship advice to a fictional character.

    2. At least wait until your character is in trouble and needs some DM intervention to avoid being killed.

  5. "We both need to find Park and vomit on him."

    1. For closure, of course.

    2. The greatest OP comment I have ever read, thank you.

    3. ^Comment of the week <3

  6. Old annoying Greg has gained a sense of self and a unique, insightful, non-judgmental view of the world. He has evolved into Greg 2.0!

    I like what I see… Eve, I give my blessing. You go fuck Greg if you want.

  7. That depends if they're going to vomit on each other's genitalia.

  8. I can't tell if they mean "We don't need closure because our friendship is going to keep evolving" or "It would be closure but we're about to bone."

    1. I was thinking closure for Eve on Park.

  9. This would be a perfect time for a pile of Hanna's muffins to appear, so that I can stress-eat my way through this suspense.

  10. Wow Eve is having the longest day. I wonder how it will end? Will she sleep over Greg's? Find her way home? Meet up with someone else?


    I'm so happy nothing happened between them, and that they found each other as friends once again. And that Eve will find something cool and that she enjoys to do with her friends that she GENUINELY likes, a bit like finding herself again.

    I love this. I love this comic, this story, these characters.

    When they come up in my dash I run to the computer to see the image as large as possible.

    THANK YOU once again for sharing, Meredith.

  12. Well, fuck.

    and I don't mean, "well hurry up and fuck!", I mean

    Well FUCK!

    What happens now? "Whether we stop here" feels like sex is the next thing that will happen, if they don't both pass out. I also hate how we're conditioned to imagine sex is the only possible next thing that can happen over things simply remaining platonic.

    Either way, I'm glad Greg is finally getting his moment in the sun in this comic. I think there's a piece of Greg in all of us that we only saw glimpses of previously, and more of in "The Witch Lives" arc. It's great to learn how the dots of his life have connected up till now and how much of a better person he is for it.

    I also just wanna reserve seats for the Hanna/Eve talk about this whole thing that HAS to happen. We're gonna see that right?!

    1. I may be wholly unpopular for this, but I ship Eve and Will hard. I think all these other distractions are, well, distractions. I also think that if Eve were to connect with Will, both of them would be forced to admit that it was more than an ambiguous status – quo and they'd both be evolving to the next level…

  13. Everyone who used to play D&D has a friend who is going to be starting a campaign "soon".

    1. it stings because it's so true

    2. This is one of life's ultimate heartbreaking truths. Sigh.

    3. Oh hey, I'm that friend now!

  14. trapdooralligators

    "i guess that depends on whether we stop here… or figure out what race and class you are for the campaign" is what i'm really hoping this will lead to. think about it! eve can literally decide on what kind of person she wants to be (to some extent).

  15. Friendship is magic.

  16. >comma

    we're not out of the woods yet

  17. This is so lovely between these two. I would like to see them allowing a relationship to flourish, friendship or otherwise just because of this sweet sleepy/drunk comfort between them…

  18. I don't typically do the whole shipping thing but I think they should give it a shot, or at least become FWOB's (Friends Who Boned Once).

    1. thistemporarylifeblog

      Isn't FWOB "Friends Who Once Boned"?

      1. Yeah I fucked up

  19. People fucking is how a D&D group dies. Trust me I know

    1. can confirm, dated the DM.

  20. Okay, I feel in my heart of hearts that they WILL NOT BONE… but damnit Meredith if ya don't write and draw it so that there is at least a SLIVER OF DOUBT!!! OOOOOOH that's good.

    But honestly I… I hope… they don't…. THEY WON'T, RIGHT??

  21. I think its very telling that when Eve feels particularly vulnerable right now, albeit while drunk, she is gravitating towards Greg…instead of talking it out with Hannah, who I thought she was besties with. I'm positive in the earlier arcs of OP Eve and Hannah would talk about shit like this more often and more closely – if not shown, then implied – but seems like new arc will axe Hannah next. Reading this has been so painful. No wonder Eve feels alone. She's being left behind. 🙁

    1. Well, Eve wouldn't want to talk about it with Hanna for the same reason she didn't want to talk about it with Marigold–Hanna warned her to keep away from Park and Eve thinks Hanna would be mad at her for hooking up with him. See http://www.octopuspie.com/2016-05-23/904-905-know

      1. That's true and fair. I just feel like Eve opened up to Hanna quite often about things like this, and Hanna was never really the kind to punitively critique Eve in an "I-told-you-so" way for being right about something Eve refused to heed. Plus, Marigold is not as close to Eve as Hanna is either, I think.

        Also no lie but as someone who's done plenty of one-night and multiple-nighter stands I don't think this is what Eve needs. I feel like the past several arcs have been strongly implying that if only Eve got a career upgrade then everything else about her life she's dissatisfied with would gently fall into place.

  22. It makes sense that she'd be drawn to Greg right now. He's basically being the opposite of Park- being encouraging and open-minded, not defining her by her job and suggesting that they play DnD (an activity that Park would probably be judgy about).

    That doesn't mean that it's a great idea to pursue him, though… At least not yet. It seems like she has some wounds to nurse from her meeting with Park.

    1. Oh… oh, god. I just had a thought.

      What if she continues to have her recurring dream but instead of Park, it morphs into Greg? You know, the "version" of Park she really wanted.

  23. Damnit, Eve… You are so ridiculously real in your emotions and situational perspective, that I'm convinced Meredith is an omniscient entity that has full awareness of all scenarios and human emotion. Everest Ning, you are my reluctant muse.

    1. Wait . . . Are you reluctant, or is she?

  24. Who was speaking in the last pane? Was it Greg or Eve?

    1. Given that we're seeing the ceiling, i.e. Greg's point of view, I assume it's Greg speaking

      1. Correction: I INFER it's Greg speaking.

  25. I'd like to take a moment to appreciate the camera angles in thos strip. It feels so natural and facilitates the story so well- the last panel is clearly them looking at the ceiling and it works to keep the mood introspective.

  26. I guess this situation kind of gives Greg +5 on his Charm rolls…

  27. Can we please have a wacky D&D story now??? In the same vein as the excellent halloween murder mystery arc from years ago?

  28. I read Eve's comment as closure for herself — closure with Park, hopefully, and maybe also with how she remembers the past.

    And dating Greg wouldn't really give her that 'closure' or peace with the past, would it? Or would she just be transferring, or risking transferring, all of the hanging-on she did with Park to another old HS/college friend, since Greg makes up part of those experiences/that period of her life. (That and Greg is potentially doing to Eve what Eve did with Park, holding on to snapshots and idealized old feelings.)

    Like Jane said, don't freak your friend group. It doesn't give one much room to keep growing.

  29. Gah, i finally caught up. Now i need to wait… *cries*

  30. For what seems like my entire life (not quite, I'm almost 30) I've tried to figure out who in the OP universe was the most relatable. YEARS of thinking it was Eve and now I know… because of D&D and unrequited love… I'm a Greg. Even the brief douche glasses stage, as much as I tried to dismiss it.

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