#886 – liability coverage

I'm going to be at Emerald City Comic Con this weekend! Artist's Alley, booth R2A. I will have the brand new Image books (Vol 1 + 2) plus some prints, original art, and Boom books! I'll be on a few panels as well! Full details in this post. I will also be taking a small number of commissions at the show. Hope to see you there!

26 thoughts on “#886 – liability coverage

  1. I'm so, so, so glad Jane and Mar are working it out. I need them to be together forever

  2. Ahh, I feel like I needed that hug.

    Also beautiful page, as usual.

  3. They even waived the deductible. That happens when you're in some states.

    1. Or a superposition of states?

    2. Genius.

  4. Audience: Awwwwwww.

    1. Haha, I actually thought that after reading ^ _ ^

      1. Not me. I thought "Dawwwww"

    2. You beat me to it! But still, Aaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwww!!!

  5. The teeny hug at the end feels so very big, so very real.

  6. Clarity IS The hot one?

  7. In next week's episode of Octopus Pie: Meryl, having let her liability coverage lapse, is on the run from the law. Also she has to help Steve move. CHRIST'S SAKE STEVE

  8. The Volvo-person is partying with a gas can!

    1. Full of delicious bio-diesel, no doubt

  9. Is someone being added to someone's renter's policy? Why? No reason, just to have a spare set of keys around.

  10. that small warm hug after sorting out a disagreement, that's the best kind of hugs.

  11. "Clarity." I get it.

  12. best way to wake up today, to Jane and Mar hugs

  13. That hug though.

  14. love is real :')

  15. Hugs make the world go round.

  16. yeah fuck clarity

  17. Clarity seems to have a partner in the crowd, as seen in the last couple of panels: Blue-haired one-eye dude.

  18. I'm going to find a way to work the phrase "Hell on Fuck's Earth" into conversation next week. It's going to be organic and believable. No it won't. <3 this.

  19. *stares at the last panel* …yes. c:

  20. i’ve reread octopie way too many times and just noticed Meryl in the background, partying full tin-man style.

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