#858 – oops! bye!!

This will be the last OP update of the year!! What a year it's been. Thanks for reading and happy new year and we'll see you in January!

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  1. Holy cow, this strip is beautifully done.
    Why are you such a genius, Meredith?

    1. I know! It takes my breath away!

  2. Oh. Oh no.

    No no no no no.

    She's becoming like HANNA.

    1. No, no, she's becoming LESS like original Hanna. i.e. going back to original Eve.

      1. so basically we're saying, *everyone* is starting to feel depressed and alone. oh. crap.

      2. taking the metaphor of the ferris wheel too literally is tempting as hell — "she's come full circle and become her old self" — but only everything up to the first sniffle after that massive "FUCK THEM!" was original eve. everything after is new growth: she's self-aware enough to realize that she's angry and hurt because she feels betrayed out of all proportion with what the situation warrants, she's lost enough of her self-righteousness and defensive misanthropy to be able to give her friends the benefit of the doubt, and she's finally able to let go of shit and laugh it off. i think the metaphor is supposed to suggest that though eve's life on paper hasn't changed a lick since the comic's early days (ex. she still works at olly's, is still unhappily single, still feels aimless, still hangs out with the same people with the exception of jane), we all recognize her to be a VERY different person: even though she's getting off the ride at the same point she entered it, we know that she's gone on one huge-ass journey to get there.

        friendship works fucking wonders.

        1. Brilliantly put.

        2. i fucking love the ocpie readership and its intelligent interpretations. made me see this page in a whole new light. thank you.

  3. Eve's social life in a nutshell.

  4. Oh, Eve. Oh, honey, no. Oh, I’m so sorry. I’ve been there, ditched like that by friends who meant no wrong, and oh fuck, it cuts you into pieces.

  5. we all just rode the wonder wheel, dudes.

  6. Ooh, this hit a soft spot… I had a breakdown just like this in July.

    I've never seen it explained so well as it is in this page.

  7. Amaaaaazing composition on this one, wow. Move over, "emotional rollercoaster," there's a new amusement park metaphor sheriff in town.

    1. Oh man! "emotional rollercoaster" to "emotional Ferris wheel" is a great connection!

  8. im crying

  9. Man! That's so sad. ^ ^;

  10. Meredith, you deserve an Eisner for this page alone.

    1. Marceline and the Scream Queens got nominated. It's just a matter of time ÒwÓ

  11. I keep scrolling up and down to reread this… help I'm stuck in a loop. 🙁 :'(

  12. This layout is amazing!

  13. Looks like a misunderstanding as it appeared she was going to ride with the guy she was flirting with.

  14. wow that's beautiful. the kind of myriad feelings you can go through so quickly when you're alone and have no one to get an answer from. i wonder if she'll feel isolated like this for the rest of the evening?

    i'm so interested.

  15. wow. That was cold of them. 🙁

    1. eh. Eve has been really stubborn this day and not really checking in with them.

      1. Plus maybe her friends might feel her constant sleeping around is not all that healthy since she talks about her ex and is still hung up on what the relationship meant in her life. They probably saw her flirting and just decided to hang back while she either broke or sealed the deal, neither encouraging or getting in the way.

    2. they probably though she was going to ride with the guy she was flirting with. I mean, they are all chaging, but they still got each other backs, and they noticed the flirting.

    3. No offense to Eve, but she should've been paying more attention to her surroundings.

  16. Holy shit, amazing layout!

  17. I missed that, when I first saw it- the pictures are going around, like a Ferris wheel. *slaps forehead. *OK, I'll wake up soon. ; )

  18. As usual fantastic page. I was wondering when we were gonna get some insight into the insecurity brought on by the current self destructive version of Eve and then BAM there it is. Your timing has always been great and this coupled with the amazing layout, design and color work are why I, and I'm sure a lot of us keep coming back! Can't wait to see what comes in the new year! Thank you for continuing to give us such awesome work 🙂

  19. It startles me that this comic manages, on nearly every single page, to make me identify with the characters in it almost flawlessly. I've been where Eve has been (not physically, of course, but mentally and emotionally). I've had friends who mean perfectly well get distracted and forget about me. I've been alone in a crowd of people while out with friends. It hurts. It's a slap in the face because you suddenly aren't the center of everything. Even if you weren't to begin with, it's a shock when the situation goes from fun to… alone.

    As usual, amazing work.

  20. ….when did she start?


  22. "Aptly named because you get stuck alone in a flying box and wonder when the fuck your life took a sharp turn and how you didn't really notice it until now…"

  23. Welp.
    I saw this great comic on Tumblr, loved it, and told myself that I would read it all.
    I did.
    I just get to sit here and wait with the rest of you, huh?

    1. Yeah, and you’ll check in every day even though it updates roughly one – two times per week. 🙂

  24. Wow wow wowowow! This looks amazing!

  25. "They were BEHIND me, right?" Like how at the start of the entire strip, way back when, she felt like she was so much more mature and together than basically all of the people she is there with (not Jane, Jane wasn't there yet) and now she really has no direction and no real relationship. Meanwhile, Hanna is expanding her business and Will is working for her now, Mar is doing pretty well at work and in a committed and loving relationship, Maerek got his degree and is doing these apps… sounds like she is feeling a little left behind and ditched in more ways than one. Everyone is moving on and dare I say it growing up, and Eve still works at Olly's and wonders if Park ever thinks about her. Poor Eve :/

    1. Commodore Biggles

      Great insight. Everyone must go through a similar thought process at some point, but that last person in the group to "get their shit together" truly is in an uncomfortable spot.

    2. I haven’t read all of it but I’m in love with this comic and am really impressed by the intelligent responses of the reader! Do you guys have any recommendations of online graphic novels??

  26. wow, i never comment but I have been there so many times, intentionally and unintentionally ditched, also the composition and colour is amazing.

  27. Happy new year!

  28. Why does this always happen to me?

  29. Sad strip outa nowhere! D:

  30. Love the colouring on this.

  31. Love the panel layout around the wheel and the lighting reflecting her emotional change. Really impressive stuff.

  32. I love the descent (emotional and actual). Also, too close to home: when work and love are 0/10, then friends letting you down seems like the worst thing in the world.

  33. Those bros…are not the best bros.

  34. "Oops! Bye!!" Great title!

  35. Wow! Beautifully done. The layout is simply stunning-OP never fails to amaze me. 🙂
    On a completely different note, poor Eve. Everyone’s been there (at least metaphorically) at least once in their lives. Feeling that way stinks 🙁

  36. I got high on the Ferris Wheel
    Didn’t like how it made me feel
    So alone
    Another cog in the loading zone


    1. I read those lyrics the way Aimee Mann sings “Save Me”
      I got hiiiiigh, on the Ferris Whee-eel
      Didn’t liiiiike, how it made me fee-eel

  37. Heh…

    Love the effort/attention that goes into making the characters be real people. Small things like that ‘heh…’ add another layer of humanity.

  38. Every day, since this comic strip came out, EVERY SINGLE DAY, maybe twice even, I come to this website, still to see the emotional rollercoaster. I Sure as hell hope 2016’s first octopuspie Begins with something HUGE! Expectations are high Meredith, please don’t dissapoint me, You are my heroine!

  39. Beautifully done!

  40. (oh no! I didn’t properly edit my remark) please post this one (if this is an ok post) and delete this line!

    Hi everyone – long long time lurker, first time poster. Meredith you are such a genius etc etc for real.

    Meredith’s Patreon has gone down to well below the funding she needs to make color strips. At the time that I posted it was $2144.46, and she needed $2400.00 to have coloring funded.

    I think Octopus Pie is a rare and ambitious work of art that says many important things about being at a certain point in life. On an average day, it’s a cup of coffee and a story from a good friend. On a tough day, it’s the help you get from a best friend.

    That’s why when I noticed how underfunded OP was, I felt sad that art could go unrecognized in such important ways (as in Meredith and Valerie need to eat) and moved to act. I chipped in $5/month which is such a small thing, but with other people might help Meredith and Valerie do a ton of awesome and important work.

    I hope this remark comes in no way as judging, coercive, etc. I know I’ve been in places where I simply could not support Octopus Pie financially. I have been for awhile now and only realized what I could have done just now. I write because the OP community is so nice and thoughtful (to the point where I usually have nothing to add, hence lurking). I hope it’s okay to offer this as part of a conversation about the art – how wonderful it is, and how we can help keep it going.

    1. Thank you

  41. Christian VIllamil

    Some one else knows how it feels like. I'm stuck in a ferris wheel right now.

  42. Oh wow, I can't believe I never commented on this. This layout's amazing

  43. Amazing . A WONDER??

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