#857 – a portal to hell

We're coming up on the holiday!! There will 1 more update before festivities, if I can help it!

26 thoughts on “#857 – a portal to hell

  1. Never change, Eve.

  2. Jane surreptitiously checking up on Marigold… uh oh.

    1. It seems like she's noticing that Mar is Not Okay to me… which is adorable, because it means she cares enough about Mar to be able to pick up on that so quickly.

  3. Marek, what're you doing over there??


      1. AAAAGH

        no. i'll *weep*

        1. Why are people worried about Marigold and Jane? Marigold is sad because she has been reminded of how horribly her friendship with Hannah ended. I don't think it has anything to do with Jane.

          And anyways, it's too soon to make Jane and Marigold's relationship crash, from a storytelling point of view.

          I think Marek will try to contact Hannah and ugliness will happen.

          I wonder if Marek is already in a new relationship. One of the implied reasons it didn't work with Hannah was her adamant refusal to have children, so it would make sense for him to look around for somebody who does want a family.

        2. i was thinking more in terms of eve's perspective- starting to see the cracks in their group, and reminded of that.

          because there had been that sort of looming feeling for a while, at least for me.

  4. HAHA "Pretty Much …Your Only Option!" Oh god.. so funny, so awful.. so true to reality

    1. thistemporarylifeblog

      The Original Fake Namey's is also a killer name.

  5. What does it mean to fuck the wheel?

  6. I wish I could strike up a conversation and even flirt with strangers the way Eve do, I just scream and run whenever someone even looks at me

  7. A F*ck of The Wheel Escalates via Amorous Hair Adjustment to F*ck on The Wheel.

  8. Fuck yea Eve GET IT

  9. I love how, in strips like this, there's a real sense of time and distance passing over the course of the page. Starting with the wheel in the background and ending up at the front of the queue, and the sky's darkening across the course of the strip. It's a nice sense of continuity.

    Reminds me of this comment http://www.octopuspie.com/2015-10-25/838-dining-o

  10. Marek, darling, if you're not ill advisedly texting or Facebook stalking Hannah, I think my heart should break.

  11. "Adjust."
    Heh, heh!
    That's the funniest thing I've seen all week. 😀

  12. Well well, who's this?

  13. eve is one smooth motherfucker

  14. Eve, you have the doofiest sexy face ever.

  15. eve is way better at flirting than the poorly shaven irony guy

  16. What does "fuck the wheel" mean???

    1. The ferris wheel has surpassed the wheel as man's greatest invention.

  17. I ship this this,
    NO wait? Ive waited 5 years for Eve/Will!
    He dumped Aimme Mann for you .
    But I still kind of ship this

  18. Come on. If this were Will, even if he was 100% unattached, this community would be all over his shit for this sort of flirting. Be consistent, for crying out loud.

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