#847+ – officially i live for your every whim

Big ups to Home Movies and the pajamafication of its characters. I long for more of that aesthetic, looking at it now. Even though the characters in OP changed clothes I always kind of saw them as having "uniforms" that stuck to their bodies with slight color variation. I was also enamored with Sleeping Beauty (1959) at the time, and at all times in my life so far.

There is a longer narrative that Eve is a child in the midst of her friends, that their coupling is an act of nurture for her (and their breakups, an act of abandonment). She can't help but play an omnipotent little sprite, and I kept thinking of more over-the-top ways to show that. This is also the story where there's finally a payoff, where Eve needs to confront the downside of being so obsessed with her friends and how she defines herself by them. Jane and Mar's pairing didn't spring from her own imagination, and she doesn't even know the half of it. But I'm getting ahead of myself... This is a pretty messy, all-over-the-place chapter! The fact that I managed to wrap up so many threads sits well with me, and if I did it in a visually enjoyable way that's a bonus.

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  1. I'm surprised to see Home Movies referenced for its visual style, rather than its humor/writing. "Pajamafication" is right. Trying to think of where else I see this untextured-tube-clothes style… Adventure Time?

  2. so many delightfully muppety Eve expressions in this one but my favorite is her diamond mouf and scribbly pupils in panel 2, so CUTE

  3. I love this page! The final panels with Eve's expressions always gave me a little bit of a Sally Cruikshank vibe.

  4. Eve's expressions are so awesome in this page!!
    My favourites are the 5th panel and the "POP!" in the 8th panel!!
    I love the little animated transformation, too. I've had that kind of feeling before and wanted to express it in a drawing, and you did so in such a satisfying way.

  5. Meredith, something that people don't comment on much but speaking as someone who once, long ago, thought he was going to draw comics for a living … buildings are REALLY HARD to draw, and you draw them very well, even when using difficult perspectives. It really adds to the NYC vibe of the comic.

    1. James W. Countryman

      'Drawing Buildings' are same difficulty, but opposite spectrum of, 'drawing hair.'

  6. Eve in panel 4 is doing a great impression of Asakusa and Marek of Hanamori in panel 6, from Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! (Which, by the way, is greatly recommended to anybody who hasn't seen it. It's all about the wonder and joy of producing animation from the point of view of talented, determined and passionate but very inexperienced amateurs.)

  7. Sometimes I wish OP could receive an animated adaptation just to see moments like pixie Eve in motion. But then I look at these pages and it already looks so alive, and realize it's not needed.

    But uh, I'd still love an animated TV show nonetheless.

  8. When one of my friends whom I know has been searching for love for years finally finds their One, and it turns out to be someone I know and possibly shipped them with, I have had a similar reaction to Eve's here. 😀 Though mine is more metaphorical and literal. But much squeeing is usually involved.

  9. Ah, to be young and so excited for your friends falling in love you turn into a fairy godmother in a pastel onesie.

    Wait how did Eve become the most relatable character?

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