#843 – this will probably be bad

The top tier is their way (and mine) of an indirect approach: it's about the kettle, it's about the sweetness of the gift, it's about how the gift was no big deal, anything but what it's actually about. We don't say that because, I dunno, it's hotter to know the same thing and come to the same conclusion? Sex led them here, and it's a test of their viability as a couple - something that's still fragile, assured as we might be. If love is a miracle, those early weeks and months of dating are a magic trick, a practical, if mysterious, application of knowledge. Let's see that in action!

8 thoughts on “#843 – this will probably be bad

  1. When I want to yell at someone about how good this comic's dialog is, this is a go-to page.

  2. I love Marigold's ability to be self-aware here and her willingness to share it with Jane. I know we keep saying hey look, Marigold has progressed so much as an individual over the course of the comic but her openness is delightful.

  3. Yahoo answers! <3

  4. That last few panels always sticks in my mind as one of my favorite exchanges of dialogue in the entirety of OP.

    1. I was about to say pretty much that exact thing.

      The steadily increasing letter size, Marigolds changing expression and body language. "…probably written by CHILDREN, JANE?" So good.

  5. Just a note that, again, the colors on this page are ridiculously good.

  6. Marigold has been able to make Jane crack up since their trip to the spa. A lovely part of their dynamic http://www.octopuspie.com/2015-02-24/755-its-hard

  7. After the comment on love as a magic trick, I had to go for a walk. (Funny story by the way, in the mailbox I found the well-timed book I ordered called The Joy of Lesbian Sex: A Tender and Liberated Guide to the Pleasures and Problems of a Lesbian Lifestyle".)

    But I love that metaphor. Concealing reality to make the impossible seem possible, suspending careful analysis and reflection in favor of executing and letting yourselves be taken in by a series of carefully prepared smooth actions, misdirection, unspoken rules, glamor, showmanship, fancy clothes. It makes sense that I've never been on a date. But I think I could do it now, looking at it like that.

    Although my reaction speed and fine motor skills are so bad, I'd probably do better in a date with a scope like one of a David Copperfield's tricks, if I had the budget. Get a few hundred people to help plan and execute it and even I could probably give someone a great date.

    Where were we? Mar and Jane being amazing, oh yes.

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