#842 – the oven doesn’t open all the way

The fear escalates! Of course they're talking about the apartment. But this is also where Mar's expertise lies. What does Jane know about the comforts of an organized life? What could be more frightening than realizing this is the building, this is the floor, this is the place? And just for good measure, it's a clear open window in both directions.

I love the shape of this page. Panel 2 is practically the whole apartment. It was never a priority for me in the early strips to get such details right. I was still struggling to compose a page and know what I was trying to say. By the time world-building seemed interesting to me I'd already slapped together a foundation of mud. I knew the structure so well I finally started messing with the decor. And then it was time for the series to end.

2 thoughts on “#842 – the oven doesn’t open all the way

  1. Still love the points blanket. I found out later that Hudson's Bay Company owned Lord & Taylor at the time, so I guess that's where Mar would have bought it?

  2. So, as someone who used to live in Brooklyn, while reading the original arc, I actually was so baffled by the idea of anyone living in Downtown Brooklyn that I just automatically assumed Mar had moved to downtown *Manhattan*, across the bridge. Downtown Brooklyn isn't a place people live. It's a place where banks and Mormon publications have their headquarters!

    But, of course, people do live there. In tiny studio apartments with robot doorbells that mispronounce their names. 😀

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