#836 – everyone on this thing is

It's not that Hanna isn't a sexual person, she's just very much over the ritual, recognizing the games but feeling way too old for them, knowing that every participant seems to lose. There are a million of this guy in New York, with slight hair/T-shirt modifications every 2-3 years, just like there are a million Hannas with that hair in that boot/H&M sweater combo, waiting for love to happen to them as they barrel towards 30. We know she's special but how does anyone else? Can't we sort this thing out? No? Is society set up in a way that opposes love? Maybe? Ok.

3 thoughts on “#836 – everyone on this thing is

  1. I would love to someday scream "I WENT TO H&M FOR THIS" while storming out of a room.

    It's right up there with Plankton's "I WENT TO COLLEGE"

  2. Too many of this type of guy who frets about dating an older woman. Even a year or a month brings on anxiety to their fragile minds.

  3. Is it me or is the fact that this guy looks like a red-headed(!) younger(?) Will significant here? He has Will’s cowering too-many-women-are-pissed-at-me thing going on, too. The datingscape is full of the kind of troublesome friends Hanna was happy to condescend to, or offer unsolicited guidance.

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