#834 + 835 – embrace the eternal void

The Vacu-fuck Pro makes a sputtering sound that I associate closely with cartoon machinery. It's probably a sound Mel Blanc recorded in the 1940s.

I remember feeling ill at ease releasing a panel with nothing but a character in empty space, surely something was missing. But it's grown in my heart since as a memorable visual. The way her sweater drapes, the presence of the phone, the dark shadow on her, it all works for me.

None of the photos in this chapter are meant to be traced to an exact moment - just a little context for the people we've come to know. In Hanna's case she's always been seen as one of the boys, a cool customer, no hint of a person who might be searching or lost.

4 thoughts on “#834 + 835 – embrace the eternal void

  1. That would be the Captain Caveman power failure sound perhaps? Or the sound granny's car made in a Tweety Bird cartoon. I love the attentiveness of the cat! Tail movement speaks volumes

  2. I’m trying to remember the significance of the hard drive. Is it just a random Maguffin?

    1. Mar gave it back to Hannah via Will at the start of the last story arc – see the three strips starting here: http://www.octopuspie.com/2015-06-19/793-party-af
      It contains a whole bunch of old ass photos, as the label said.

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