#834 + 835 – embrace the eternal void

And we're back! Thanks for bearing with me as I ran head first into chaos. The good news is the wedding worked. We got the intended result! Did you see I have an exclusive 16-page Octopus Pie comic up on Gumroad? If you're a $5+ Patron, you can hop over to Patreon and read it on the house. Otherwise, it's a few bucks. I ask that you kindly don't share the PDF in public. Next week I'm going to be at MICE in Boston! I'll have the above mentioned minicomic in print form, plus my usual array of books and art. Hope to see you there!

32 thoughts on “#834 + 835 – embrace the eternal void

  1. That cat is going crazy.

  2. Welcome back, Granulac! ^_^

  3. hanna has new shoes!

  4. Yay! New comic! It's always worth the wait c:

    As a side note directly to the comic: Hanna, no. I know skinny jeans are the best, but unless they're well-worn it's only a matter of time before that phone slips out and plummets to its death or explodes upon impact, making you scramble to put its battery and protective cover back into place. DON'T MAKE MY SAME MISTAKES.

    1. skinny jeans are only the best if you are actually skinny. on me they look like sausage casings. I vote NO on skinny jeans. NOT THE BEST

  5. Brace yourselves for the feels trip 🙁

  6. This is going to be a feels arc, isn't it?

    1. Wait…which arcs weren't feels arcs? This comic IS feels!

  7. This is that drawer that Marigold snuck Hannah her stuff back in, isn't it?

    1. Yoep.

      1. Hmm… in wich arc did that happen again? It was still black and white?

        1. like, the last arc.

    2. "…her junk drawer. The one in that filing cabinet…" "…that she checks when her bug vacuum needs batteries?"

      Will and Marigold know Hannah pretty well.

  8. Chekov's Hard Drive

    1. More like floppy, but yeah.

  9. I am just really loving 3rd panel Hannah. Reminds me a little of Calvin and Hobbes meets Donald Hertzfeldt.

  10. Welcome back, Meredith! And Hannah!!

  11. "If only she'd thought of this herself…. You kind of have to LEAD Hanna to a great idea — not directly PROPOSE it." (266)

  12. "…embrace the eternal void!" You just gotta adore Hanna. <3

  13. This is a lovely arc and all, but…I don't get the last panel. Someone help a girl out?

  14. "I swear, if this makes me late I'll…" Judging by Hanna's cute outfit and this hint, I'm gonna guess she's about to go on a date with Larry 🙂

  15. Where can we comment about "on the straight and narrows"?

    1. good question! Here\’s a little post page for comments: http://www.octopuspie.com/2015-10-10/on-the-strai

  16. Hey, congrats for the wedding, Meredith!

  17. I’m afraid she is going to find a bunch of picture with Marek and the rest of the stoners… The the feels, all the feels

  18. Love the first panel! Hannah looks different — disheveled a bit. A little older, a little more maddened. Nice.

  19. Hey guys,
    does anyone understand what the last panel is supposed to be about? Is it one of the photos on the floppy disk?

  20. Haha so she really DOES have a bug vacuum. Love it

  21. I love the panel that's a closeup on the absolute ambivalence of the cockroaches.

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