#827-828 – yeah man

47 thoughts on “#827-828 – yeah man

  1. I don't usually comment but everything about this one is amazing.

  2. This comic is THE best.

  3. Juice makes you FAT!?

    1. Only as much as bread does, I suppose!

      1. Picturing a scene from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

    2. You know why juice tastes sweet? Because it has sugar.

  4. Juice makes you FEEL. Very good comic page as usual.

  5. Octopus Pie – 90% heart-aching reality, 10% metaphorical insanity.

    1. I love it how every situation has just the exact amount of surrealistic craziness to take it to the next level of awesome.

  6. I was worried that after “home” this storyline was at its peak, but “yeah man” is truly your magnum opus.

    It just keeps getting better.

    1. Octopus Pie: setting the bar a little bit higher with every new instalment.

  7. Well, that's one way to empty out the scene of a bunch of background characters.


    Also, would read entire series of Bodybuilder Bro Noir novels.

    1. Seriously, BBN should be a new storyline/offshoot. I think that's the most magical part of this comic. That every character, now matter how briefly explored, has an intriguing amount of depth, like Tolkien and LOTR. Bravo!

    2. "I finish the power cleans and re-set the bar. Reps in the weight room were never a problem for me. But those don't prepare you for the reps you have to do out there in the real world. 'Bill payments,' the world says. 'Give me sets of 12 until you drop. Follow each one with a set of 365 thoughts about what the point of this insane world even is. And finish each round by setting a new max for the amount of pain and suffering your weak, useless heart can take.'

      I re-rack the barbells, and check my pulse rate. 135. I see a familiar silhouette in the weight room doorway, and it's enough to push me from fat burn to cardio."

  9. It's time for a parade to honor basic human decency! Hooray!!


  11. Interesting fact about OJ; did you know they ferment old orange juice to get the 'orange' flavour when oranges are out of season? Drinking bacteria wee. Delicious bacteria wee.

    1. and yogurt! I <3 bacteria poop. No, I <4 bacteria poop

  12. I just realized he was the bartender. I guess drinks are on the house.

  13. "THIS, THIS!"

  14. I love this comic so much.

  15. "This establishment is a creep-free zone."

    Well, actually it's just become a 'people-free' zone. Except for Jane and Mar. How very plot convenient ^w^

  16. Man, some whiteboy just affirmed a woman's integrity of choice.

    1. You're not are real doctor are you……

      1. No but they give good prostate exams…….. B-)

  17. The best thing is that they run over Marigold. Dudes can even make casual feminism about them.

    1. EXACTLY! Gahd, this comic makes my LIFE! Feminism and Octopus Pie? Dayum!

  18. To be fair while she doesn't have to give a reason it would hve been nice if she could have.

    1. She doesn't owe him a reason bro.




    2. Having to explain to an aggressive stranger why you don't want to pursue a friendship with them is at best awkward and potentially dangerous.

    3. it would be nice to have a lot of things, but sometimes you just have to take no for an answer.

  19. I love the moments when a looney tunes happens.

  20. Oh, god…. I feel so much love for this!

  21. I want to buy this page so bad. And to be fair, I feel that way about A LOT of Octopus Pie strips. Maybe one day soon, one of these pages will be MINE.

  22. lululululul male feminists are best feminists 😉

  23. Was the bar basically only men except for those two? I guess now they can help themselves to the bar.

  24. Any excuse for a bar crowd to get the bartender outside so they can pillage the back shelf bottles.

  25. That last frame is amazing. So much happening as you move from left to right. The change in tempo. It's great. I've been reading comics of all types for decades, and this will be one of the most memorable single frames I've experienced.

  26. this is incredible hahahhahah

  27. "But . . . my bartender . . . ??????"

  28. Thank god for Menb

  29. This one was funny as hell, that came out of nowhere. But! Mar and Jane!!!! They’re here!!!!!!! Plot ensues!!

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