#825-826 – horse_selfies

38 thoughts on “#825-826 – horse_selfies

  1. Doh. Looks like I jumped the gun on assuming that was it for the chapter. Glad for it!

    ..What time is it yo

  2. First.

    Also Jane is fucking adorable. Love that girl SO much 😀

  3. An adorable little dachshund is riding in that airplane…

  4. Oh dog pilot, the adventures we'd have

    1. Ba. Ba Ba Ba. BAaaaa.

  5. Jane's knives & Jane's essays. All you need in 2 moving boxes. ^^

  6. So you too are a fan of the Dog of Wisdom, Meredith? Hahahaha

    1. Ahhh! I had to scroll back up and now I can't stop laughing. Amazing.

      "Everyone likes me. I'm cute. I think I'll bark at nothing now."

    2. Of course she is! Her bro made it. And the fact that these two people are related makes me happy to no end.

      1. Ooooh, no way man!

        *looks up his twitter account*

        *Joe Gran*


  7. Oh hey, it's every apartment on Long Island.

  8. How do you follow up last strip? Panels 7-9 + The Dog.

  9. Gotham City Lounge is great. Love hanging out there.

  10. 90s ned loves the 90s

  11. Nothing good ever happens after midnight ESPECIALLY at Gotham City Lounge. Panels depicting Gotham should be pretty awesome though.

  12. Jane can't unpack because all her knives are sealed away and she can't open the box.

    1. that's when you use teeth

  13. I am no expert here, but I am getting the feeling that Jane is making lots of snap judgments about Mar without really getting to know her, and basing her decisions about whether to pursue anything with Mar based on those snap judgments. This irks me some, because Mar's already had a lot of people over-simplifying her and 'summing her up.' I am curious to see how this goes, but…I am worried @_@

  14. The lighting is gorgeous.

    I guess that's why she lives in the city.

  15. Panels 8 and 9 are me… when stalking my crushes social media…..

  16. That spotlight coming through the doorknob hole…


  17. Panel 7 forever.

  18. Love that the Bat Mitzvah picture was the catalyst for Marigold finding Jane earlier, and it's now pulling Jane back to Mar.

  19. The power of cuteness compels her! ^^

  20. That pose in the first panel is spectacular

    Also everything else about this entry is great.

  21. Anyone get reminded of Lawrence from Office Space right here?

    1. thistemporarylifeblog

      Two chicks at once, man.

  22. I'm waiting for the part where the outrageous price tag of Jane's apartment is finally revealed…

  23. DO NOT
    – Jane's Knives
    – Anything
    (I have way too much Octopus Pie permanently burned into my synapses 🙂

    P.S. The toilet's clogged again F.Y.I.

    1. another pal with a photographic memory <3

  24. I wondered why she has no doorknob, but then I noticed it fell off at the end of the last comic.

  25. So at first I saw the watch, magazine (?), and questionable bones under Jane's floor in last panel and though oh man, if only the construction crew had dug a few inches more they would have made these discoveries. Then I realized that's probably the foundation… which would make those the bones and personal effects of someone that was never meant to be found…

  26. Jane’s essays on the cheapness of relatability? I’d like to read an essay like that if anyone knows a source.

  27. Wow, these two pages just framed the twenty-something experience to a T. It even has that skeletal-remains-in-between-the-floorboards touch that I assume most shoddy city apartments have!

  28. "How are these even WALLS?!!!" roflol

  29. Jane has a lot of essays on the cheapness of relatability….

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