#784 – a challenge

Here I think Aimee gets to the essence of the "asshole" part Will didn't actually want to hear. It seems inevitable to realize these kinds of things about a cheater, in particular one who jumps from relationship to relationship with it. He might think ending it is the Right Thing To Do, but it's a decision he made wholly on his own. Can you ever grow with a person on their own private trajectory?

7 thoughts on “#784 – a challenge

  1. I remember relating to Aimee sooooo much when these first came out and now I am just shaking my head. She knew he was lying about having a girlfriend when they first reconnected, what did she think was going to happen? Where did she think this relationship was going? These are the lessons you learn as you age I guess but oh geez the process is painful to watch from the outside.

  2. Wait. What was their relationship?

  3. Love the colors and the facial expressions here. Particularly panel 2. Pastels ftw

  4. Wasn't she kind of flirting with Will while she had a bf?

  5. It's amazing how much simply being with a character can make you sympathize with them. I know Will isn't a perfect person but because I've spent so much more time with him than with Aimee I can't help but take his side in this scene.

  6. On first read, her anger seemed unearned to me- like she should've seen that he wasn't serious about her like Hanna did and we did as readers.
    But now I think that there's a tendency for people tell themselves a story of what the relationship is. Even more so in a long distance one.

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