#744 – spa day

Ah whoops, Marigold wouldn't be able to slide the door open in that direction. Sometimes a bitch cheats for the right layout. Me being the bitch here.

We've seen Mar kind of reinventing herself for a while, but to me this is a breakthrough. Not that it's a particularly flattering moment, but how often have we seen her with the confidence to know what she wants?

If you live in NY maybe you've had the Spa King experience. You take a shuttle (some guy in a van) to New Jersey and heaven begins. I haven't been for years now and miss it dearly.

3 thoughts on “#744 – spa day

  1. Mar's whole outfit here is something I've always admired and dreamed of being able to pull off. One day I'll find my holy grail leopard print coat…

  2. these panels have such a terrific energy and it's literally just them getting in a car
    although as a van wouldn't there be space for five passengers?

  3. We have Spa King in the Chicago area too…only it's called King Spa. Also, there isn't a shuttle that I know of, but there really should be.

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