#743 – in the store

Okay, this one is the biggest bummer yet. What could be sadder than not going home from work? Maybe putting up a wall between yourself and the person who cares about it the most? Just spitballing.

This was Valerie Halla's first page on Octopus Pie, and she would continue all the way to the end of the series. Please join me on that journey so we can explore all the ways we leveled up together and gave the comic its definitive look. Goodie!

6 thoughts on “#743 – in the store

  1. ocean dreams, city schemes

  2. OR when going home offers only a marginally better night’s sleep than sleeping on a table at work. It would be happier if Eve were less likely to be clopening and more likely to be partying late, or doing something fun first thing in the AM. I’m assuming clopening, though…

  3. Who is meant to be texting her here? Mar? Will?

    1. Late reply ahoy!

      Fairly certain it is meant to be Will, given how close they have been.

  4. Last book, woo.

  5. Val Halla is a friggin' genius!

    I've definitely done that…

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