#730 + 731 – malignant

I'm still very happy with Sloane's techniques of "heating" this page up. Hanna actually takes a pink glow halfway through, heightening her villainy.

Plenty of readers correctly guessed that Jane is dressed as Jay Gatsby. I'm a fan of Baz Luhrmann's take on it from a few years ago (I'm also a sucker for 3D movies and wish there were more of them in the non-superhero genre). The message there doesn't go very deep, but I think it's a great look for Jane, probably the most memorable, and it really does become her scene.

12 thoughts on “#730 + 731 – malignant

  1. Wait…I never realized this was Jane. I feel ridiculous now. I thought they were just a one-off character who waxes philosophical with Hanna about witches. Since we later find out Jane's a massive Utena fan this actually makes way more sense

  2. Who is Greg dressed up as?

  3. I just never saw Hanna as the villain. She's struggling with some real hurt and I feel that on so many levels. Maybe I'm asking too much of her but after such a long friendship, I think Mar could have fought harder to be there for Hanna. I've just know that I've been there and I when I pushed everyone away I was blessed to have a friend that continued to fight for me. I guess Eve fought in her own way.

  4. I remember reading this page originally and I was struck at just how unprepared Hanna was at receiving this feedback from someone who's life she wasn't already emotionally tangled up with. Just pure unfiltered calling out her bullshit.

  5. The message may not be very deep, but who you chose to deliver it mattered. Chris is someone both Hanna and the reader just dismiss as naive side character, and in this instance he chooses to reject that role and look after himself. Cynicism isn't wisdom, and other people have lived outside your perspective.

    1. In no way making fun of you or anything, but there's a really nice irony to the fact that you got Greg's name wrong, which has a roundabout way of further driving your point.

  6. I remember this page being strangely cathartic? the first time I read it because at that point I was just reading OP as a funny comic that had bit of drama sprinkled in it. Like when Marigold and Hanna broke up it didn't quite register to me the nuances of what was going on because Hanna and Marek were breaking up. So when Greg calls Hanna out here I honestly didn't really know how to react as he isn't a Main Character™ so I didn't think he would do anything that important in the story but because what he said was right (there's no denying that Hanna isn't having the greatest time dealing with her break up) I couldn't just write him off as Asshole Side Character-du jour.

  7. On first reading I was like yeah tell off that self absorbed so and so!

    Now I'm reading it and thinking of situations in which I've been in both positions. Hanna is trying to substitute some faux sense of self awareness for acceptance/healing. Chris could have had more empathy while calling Hanna out.

    Mental health isn't a one size fits all lemme just flip this one switch and everything will be peachy. Neither of these people are self aware enough to admit that.

  8. I'm still pretty much siding with Hanna here.

    … Does that make me a villain?

  9. Why do folks think Greg is Chris? :/

  10. I love how Greg stands up for himself. But, yeah, I've been where Hannah is. 😐

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